Village Headlines

  • Village Gives Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all as we embrace our differences and give thanks for our shared blessings. NOV 26, 2015

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

    Please review Village Hall and Village Park hours of operation over the Thanksgiving Holiday period. NOV 26, 2015


  • Village Survey Now

    Take resident survey now thru Dec. 17 -- a key step in development of a new Strategic Plan for the Village. DEC 13, 2015

  • NOV 24 - Detour at Traffic Circle

    In-Pavement Solar Marker installation at 168th St. traffic circle requires temporary detour of traffic Nov. 25. NOV 24, 2015

  • Feral Cat TNR Program

    Village now offers a feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return program. Please visit Public Services for information. NOV. 23, 2015

  • DEC 05 - Downtown Holiday

    Village's first official Holiday Lighting Festival, Dec. 5 from 5 to 9 p.m., in Downtown Palmetto Bay. NOV 05, 2015

  • DEC 12 - Holiday by the Bay

    'Tis the season for celebrating, Dec. 12 from 3 to 7 pm, at our Annual Holiday-by-the-Bay Celebration. DEC 12, 2015

Happening in Palmetto Bay


    NOV 24 - Vinyasa Yoga: Buy tickets (at CRP) for Ludovici Park's Vinyasa Yoga, 7 pm.
    NOV 25 - Tennis Camp: “No-School Day” camp at Coral Reef Park with flexible hours
    NOV 26 - Thanksgiving Holiday: Village Offices are closed; Parks operating on holiday hours.
    NOV 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday: Village Offices are closed; Parks operating on holiday hours.
    NOV 30 - Mommy & Me Yoga: Buy tickets (at CRP) for Ludovici Park's Mommy & Me Yoga, 9 am.
    NOV 30 - Story-Time Yoga: Buy tickets (at CRP) for Ludovici Park's Storytime Yoga, 2:15 pm.
    DEC 01 - Mommy & Me Art: Buy tickets (at CRP) for Ludovici Park's Mommy & Me Art, 9 am.
    DEC 01 - Free Meditation: Fee-free Meditation session, 7 pm at Ludovici Park.
    DEC 02 - Education Board: Attend Education Advisory Board Meeting, Village Hall, 6:30 pm
    DEC 03 - Silver Chair Yoga: A more gentle form of yoga, Ludovici Park, 11 am
    DEC 05 - Downtown Celebration: Inaugural Holiday Lighting Celebration, Village Hall, 5-9 pm.
    DEC 06 - Yoga by the Bay: Sunday morning yoga program at Thalatta Estate, 9:30 am
    DEC 07 - Council Meeting: December Council Meeting/LPA, Village Hall, 7 pm
    DEC 08 - Charter Revision: Village Charter Revision Commission, Village Hall, 7 pm
    DEC 09 - Town Hall: Parks & Downtown Redevelopment forum, Village Hall, 5 pm
    DEC 09 - Community Outreach: Community Outreach Advisory, Village Hall, 7:30 pm
    DEC 12 - Holiday by Bay: Annual Holiday-by-the-Bay celebration, Ludovici Park, 3-7 pm.
    DEC 14 - Zoning Hearing: Monthly Zoning Public Hearing, Village Hall, 7 pm
    NOV Calendar


    Crime & Incidents: Get caught up on local Crime & Incident Reports, posted each Wednesday by the Village Policing Unit webpage for your review. NOV 16, 2015

    Speed Humps Delayed: Installation of the Village's first-ever traffic speed humps is delayed until a future date in December. Read more. NOV 20, 2015

    Yoga Sessions: Be sure to purchase your tickets first at Coral Reef Park Tennis Center for all our Yoga sessions this week. NOV 14, 2015

    Garage Sales: View this week's short list of registered garage sales in Palmetto Bay -- also peruse Judy's latest garage sales shopping tip before heading out this weekend. NOV 12, 2015

    Mourning Paris Victims: Village mourns victims in Paris terror attack, as Governor Scott directs flags to be flown at half staff. NOV 16, 2015

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