Village Attorney

About the Village Attorney

The Village Attorney position is one of the three Chartered positions in the Village. The Village Attorney is appointed by the Village Council and reports to the Village Council.  The Village Council appointed Mr. John Dellagloria to serve as the Village Attorney effective November 12, 2019, following the retirement of former Village Attorney Dexter Lehtinen.


  • Endeavor to always provide the highest quality legal services to the Village.
  • Vigorously maintain professional independent judgment and adhere to a high standard of ethics.
  • Ensure that the legal process remains apolitical and provide the Village with clear and useful legal advice. In providing legal advice, the main objectives shall be to aid the Village in accomplishing its legitimate objectives and to avoid legal trouble.
  • Assist the Village in implementing the ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and inter-local agreements necessary to assist the Village Manager establish the daily operations, functions, tax base, and code of ordinances for the Village, including a land development code tailored to the needs of the Village.
  1. John Dellagloria Photograph of the Village Attorney

    John Dellagloria

    Village Attorney
    Phone: 305-259-1234


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