Parks & Rec. and Community Outreach Committee

Name: Appointed by: Term limit:
Chris Olson (Chair)  Mayor Karyn Cunnigham 3/04/2021
Sheila Frazier Vice Mayor John DuBois 3/04/2021
Ed Feller Councilmember Patrick Fiore  03/04/2021
Heidi Feder Councilmember David Singer 03/04/2021
Leopoldo Llinas Councilmember Marsha Matson 03/04/2021
Beatriz Herrmann Village Council at Large 03/04/2021
Beth Adler Village Council at Large 03/04/2021
David Greenwell Village Council at Large 03/04/2021
  • Council Liaison: Mayor Karyn Cunningham
  • Staff Liaison: Fanny Carmona, Parks & Recreation Director 

Purpose/Mission (Section 2-55):

The Parks and Recreation and Community Outreach Committee were merged by Ordinance No. 2016-17 on July 11, 2016 in which Section 2-55 of the Village Code of Ordinances was modified as follows:

Pursuant to Section 2-55 of the Village’s Code of Ordinances, the mission of the Parks & Recreation and Community Outreach Committee is to provide recommendations to the Village Council in matters of village parks and recreation levels of service; and to provide recommendations to the village council in matters of community engagement and public awareness.

Advisory scope: To review the following: (i) State of the parks’ structures; (ii) State of the parks’ recreational facilities; (iii) recreational programming and fees; (iv) parks accessibility; (v) parks safety; (vi) communication strategies; (vii) communication execution; (viii) integration of community calendars; (ix) village hosted events; (x) sponsorship opportunities; (xi) stakeholder engagement practices.

Membership (Section 2-57):

According to Section 2-57 of the Village's Code of Ordinances, membership shall be made up of at least five members; regardless of the number of members, all boards or committee shall be odd-numbered. The mayor, vice mayor and member of the council shall each have at least one appointment to each board or committee without approval of the council. Boards or committees beyond five members shall be appointed by the council at large. Members of advisory boards or committees under this section shall either:
(1) Be a resident of the village; or
(2) Be employed within the village; or
(3) Own a business located in the village.

The village council shall appoint a non-voting council liaison to each board or committee. Administration shall appoint a non-voting staff representative to each board or committee. The mayor shall be a non-voting honorary liaison to each board or committee. Council liaisons are not members of the committee and shall participate on the same status and terms as members of the public.

The council must, by resolution, specify any additional structures or procedures for the advisory committees and boards covered by this chapter, including increasing the size and specifying the method of appointment for additional members.

Membership Limitations (Section 2-58):

Members of the advisory boards or committee shall not:

  1. Serve on more than one committee created by this section at the same time.
  2. Receive compensation and shall not otherwise obtain direct or indirect financial gain from their service in the committee.
  3. Be related to the village council members. Related shall mean: spouse, child, sister, brother, parent or in-laws.
  4. Be a registered candidate for elective political office, unless the village council, by majority vote, waives this prohibition.
  5. Be eligible to serve if, at any time during their term, the person has filed a lawsuit against the village that is pending, unless the village council, by majority vote, waives this prohibition.
  6. Ethical requirements applicable to village council members and village employees are likewise applicable to all members of advisory committees or boards.
Advisory board or committee members may be removed by affirmative majority of the village council. The village council need not state grounds for the removal of a board or committee member.

Term of Office (Section 2-59):

  1. The terms of office of the members of each board or committee shall serve a two-year term once appointed.
  2. No board member shall serve more than six consecutive years on any one board.
  3. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code or any resolution, the term of every board member nominated by a council member shall automatically expire when:
    1. The nominating council member leaves office; or
    2. The nominating council member's term of office expires. An incoming council member may re-appoint the individual member, if they so desire, for an additional term or any period of time they chose.
  4. Should a vacancy on a board or committee remain unfilled for 30 days, which is subject to individual councilmember appointment, it may be filled by nomination of the village council. However, that member's appointment shall be subject to the provisions of subsection 2-58(4) of the Village’s Code of Ordinances, as if they were nominated by a council member.
  5. If at any time, a member of the village council desires the removal of a member of the committee, said removal shall occur via resolution with majority vote.