Community & Economic Development

Welcome to the Community & Economic Development Department. The Community & Economic Development Department is comprised of three divisions: Building & Permitting, Code Compliance, and Planning & Zoning. Below is a list of our main areas of responsibility under each division.  

For more information, click on the division name to visit its individual webpage.

Main Areas of Responsibility 

  • Building & Permitting Division
    • Florida Building Code Compliance
    • Building and Home Permit Review and Approval
    • Building Inspections
    • Floodplain Administration
  • Code Compliance
    • Enforcement of Village codes and regulations
  • Planning & Zoning
    • Art in Public Places Program
    • Business Tax Licenses
    • Comprehensive Plan
    • Land Development Code
    • Planning & Zoning Concurrency Regulations
    • Special Events & Sign Permits
    • Zoning Applications Review and Approval
    • Special Events & Sign Permitting