Building Permits


Village Hall is closed to the public. At this time, only the Emergency Building Permits listed below will be processed; only by electronic means.  Please read below for more details.  

Emergency Repair Permits:

Only emergency repair permits will be accepted to include:
  • Building - Re-roofs, slab repairs  as part of cast-iron plumbing replacements, pool barriers
  • Electrical- Emergency service panel repair/ replacements
  • Plumbing- Septic drain field replacements, cast-iron repair/ replacements
  • Mechanical- A/C change out

Permitting Process for Emergency Permits:

For each permit type, submit a permit application:

  • Fill out a Building Permit Application
  • Include contact name, phone number and email address on the place provided on the application.
  • Submit your Building Permit Application (for emergency repair permits as indicated above) via email to Gladys Bilbraut (Office Manager) and copied to Wes Maltby (Building Official) 

Additional instructions:


  • Re-roofs require the application plus Section 1524 and associated form packet
  • Cast-iron replacements require the application plus a floor plan with reinforcement and concrete slab details.
  • Service panels require only the application. In the space for description of work state the panel size/ amperage.
  • Septic require the application plus a copy of the HRS approved permit.
  • Cast-iron repair/ replacements require the application plus a floor plan. The floor plan may be prepared by the plumbing or general contractor.
  • Simple change out only requires the application. In the description of work state the tonnage and KW size of the heat strips.  If the ductwork is being replaced a duct plan is also required.

When the Permit is Approved and Ready

  • Village staff will notify you via email with the fee amount.
  • You will have to pay for the permit online here.  Read these instructions first.
  • Once you have paid for the permit, please send an email to and include your name, phone and permit numbers.  
  • Village staff will print the permit card and send the card along with your job copy of the permit documents via email as pdf documents.

  • Inspections can only be scheduled via phone at 305-259-1253 (please leave a voice mail message) or via email, until 2 pm.  
  • Only roofing inspections are currently being performed.
  • Inspections related to other emergency permits may be requested.  Be certain to leave your contact information on the voice mail message so that the inspector may contact you and arrange for the inspection on a case by case basis.

Other Important Information

  • Permit applications previously submitted for which a permit has not been issued will continue to be processed. To the extent that comments or revisions are required, such information will be provided to the applicant via email only. Revisions will not be accepted and permits will not be issued until Village Hall is fully operational. This does not apply to the emergency permits identified above.
  • New sub-permits to previously-issued master permits will be accepted on a case by case basis to the extent that we are able to process.