Golf Cart Registration

Thinking About Buying a Golf Cart?

Living in Palmetto Bay has many benefits: beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and wonderful schools. Another plus is our weather, which is perfect for traveling via golf cart. If you live in Palmetto Bay, you can register your street legal golf cart and enjoy this fun alternative to travel, offering a low-cost, fuel-efficient way to run errands, take the kids to school, travel to a block party or Village event, or simply enjoy a leisurely drive around the neighborhood. 


Safety is Important to Us

Our Miami-Dade County Policing Unit is dedicated to insuring that all residents and visitors are protected. There are several Miami-Dade County laws that govern safe operation of vehicles (several of which you may view here); here are some key points:

  1. There are certain roads within Palmetto Bay that are County roadways.  Under currrent law, you are not permitted to travel on the following roads:  Old Cutler Road; US-1; SW 136 Street; SW 152 Street; SW 168 Street; SW 184 Street; SW 67 Avenue; SW 77 Avenue; SW 87 Avenue; and SW 97 Avenue.  You may only cross these roads at marked intersections.
  2. You may not drive on sidewalks, bike paths, swales, or within parks.
  3. All riders must be seatbelted.

Ready to Start Golf Carting?

  1. Review the Registration Form that contains all rules/requirements and the Village ordinance. Once you've read the rules, complete the form. (Blank forms are also available at Village Hall)
  2. Contact your insurance company to find out how much the insurance coverage will be.
  3. Visit a golf cart dealer and make sure the golf cart you purchase has all of the required equipment in working order (the Affidavit of Compliance attached to the Registration Form provides a list of the required equipment).
  4. Visit the Village Clerk’s office with your completed Registration Form and also bring:

a.   Your valid driver’s license (if you will be driving the golf cart) and copies of all other drivers' licenses (you must be at least 18 years old to register your golf cart in Palmetto Bay). All drivers must have valid driver's licenses.
b.   Copy of proof of valid golf cart insurance.
c.   Notarized Affidavit of Compliance (last page of Registration packet - Notary Service is available at Village Hall.)
d.   $50 fee for the first time registration ($10 annual renewal).

The process is easy. If you have all of your paperwork in line, you can visit Village Hall and receive your registration sticker (affix it on the back bumper of your vehicle) in about 15 minutes - with the added bonus of getting to experience excellent customer service in the Village Clerk's office. Take advantage of our beautiful streets and outstanding weather - consider traveling via golf cart today.