Compliance Information

Compliance Regulations


Authorities of Code Compliance Officer

In carrying out their responsibilities pursuant to Florida Statutes, the Village Code, the Florida Building Code, and Miami-Dade County's codes and ordinances, code officers have the authority to:

  • Issue citations
  • Issue fines as the particular case warrants
  • Issue warning and violation notices


In the event a code violation is not corrected, officers are responsible to process all cases through the code compliance process. The process provides a system of citations for the imposition of fines to promote a fair, expeditious, effective, and inexpensive method of enforcing the codes. Citations may be appealed to a Special Master.

Geographic Zones

Zone Boundaries Assigned Code Officer
South Area Centerline of SW 160 St. south to centerline of SW 184 St. Allen White
North Area US 1 & SW 136 St. to SW 160 St. Jackie Villegas