Age Friendly Task Force

Name: Appointed by: Term limit:
Susan Holtzman (Chair)    
Beatriz Herrmann    
Beverly Gerald    
Caryn Potucek    
Diane Clancy     
Eric Tullberg    
Judy Stockman     
Pam Gorman    
Pat Gladeux    

Staff Liaison: Fanny Carmona, Parks & Recreation Director

Managed by: Edward Silva, Village Manager 

Mission Statement: 

Establish consistent and accessible services to meet the needs for Seniors (age 50+) and encourage healthy and active aging in Palmetto Bay Village.


Improve communication and create a five (5) year plan.


  • The Administrative Task Force is not governed by the Florida Public Meetings law.
  • The Age-Friendly Task Force was not established by Ordinance and/or Resolution.
  • Under the purview of the Village Manager, the Task Force was created July 2018.
  • Effective July 2018, the following members resigned from the Task Force by providing the Village Clerk notification of their intent to resign: Adam Schacter, James Piersol and James Woodard. 
  • The mission statement and goals were established by the members of the Task Force at their meeting of September 4, 2018.