Distraction Burglary Suspects

The Village of Palmetto Bay Policing Unit is requesting all residents to “BE ON THE LOOK OUT” for any distraction burglary subjects or “gypsies” that have been victimizing Pinecrest, Coral Gables and the Kendall area, recently. View these sketches of two subjects that have made several of these burglaries in the Coral Gables area.

They will respond to your residence and either tell you that your neighbor is having work done or will offer to do work on your property. Their victims are usually elderly. As they distract you away from the front door another individual enters the residence and takes jewelry from the bedroom. They will communicate with each other on the cell phone and they are very quick. They will be in vehicle with out of state tags and travel in groups of two to three.

If anyone makes any of the above listed attempts you’re asked to immediately call the police at 305 4-POLICE (305-476-5423). All of the Palmetto Bay Officers have a booklet with identified subjects and you will be asked to see if you recognize anyone from the pictures. We need your help in stopping these criminals from coming into Palmetto Bay.