The below-listed documents can be downloaded for viewing or printing by clicking on the document:

Adopted 2015-16 Operating & Capital Budget

Adopted 2014-15 Operating & Capital Budget

Adopted 2011-12 Operating & Capital Budget

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - FY Ended Sept. 30 , 2011

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2009-10

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2008-09

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2007-08

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2006-07

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2005-06

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2004-05

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2003-04

Alarm Registration Application

Alarm Ordinance

Bill Sadowski Park Natural Areas Management Plan - Revised Replanting Plan

Building Department - Inspection Request Form

Credit Card Authorization Form (Visa, Mastercard & American Express)

Florida Department of Community Affairs - Notice of Intent to Find the Village of Palmetto Bay Comprehensive Travel Plan in Compliance (12/4/08)

Hurricane Preparedness Information

Lobbyist Registration Form

Landscape Covenant Form

Palmetto Bay Village Center Charrette - Advisory Committee Report of 9/2004

Public Records Request

Road Closure (Temporary) Form

Southwood Middle School Traffic Study

Special Event Permit Application

Street Tree Request Form

Temporary Road Closure Form

Village of Palmetto Bay vs. Palmer Trinity School

Village Charter - current

Village Hall/Police Complex Report - 2006

Village Newsletter

Vendor Registration Form

"Whip's Policy Brief"- Conference Report resulting from the 2007 Special Session on Hurricane