Film & Entertainment fees and Information

Palmetto Bay is a Film-Friendly Community

Location scouts in the business of finding amazing locations for film/TV and still-photo production know that Palmetto Bay fits the bill. The Village of Parks offers a full range of backdrops for your next production including quite suburban streets, meandering canal ways, classic architecture, and unique and attractive locations -- and more -- and we are easy to work with. (By the way, click here if you thought you thought would find the Village's Video-Feature Library on this page.)

Palmetto Bay Locations:

  • Unobstructed bay shore vistas
  • A Mediterranean mansion (unoccupied & production ready)
  • Modern ballparks and playing fields
  • Key-West styled cottages
  • Northern-US styled municipal parks
  • Tropical tree-lined avenues
  • Sprawling green areas
  • Quaint bicycle & pedestrian pathways
  • Class-A office park settings
  • Mid-Century styled suburban neighborhoods
  • A commercial corridor along US-1

Palmetto Bay is a film-friendly community that has been serving the film and entertainment industry for years. The weather is just right, the locations are here, permitting is simple -- we even allow for weekend productions! So contact the Village Communications Office for a site/location visit or click below to visit the Miami-Dade Film Office for a virtual tour or for details about productions throughout the entire County:

Permitting Process and Fees Made Simple

Lights, camera, action -- but be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure a safe and professional experience:

  • STEP 1: If you are planning to shoot stills, film, or video within the boundaries of the Village of Palmetto Bay, STEP 1 is to contact the Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment. This County office provides the basics required (County permitting, liability, etc.) to do production work across many municipalities -- including palmetto Bay -- in the metropolitan area.
  • STEP 2: Contact the Village Communications Office and or the Parks Department if your production may potentially impact public roadways. Also, if you are shooting in a Village Park, you MUST contact the Village to apply for a permit and pay applicable Village fees -- over and above any Miami-Dade County requirements.
  • STEP 3: Review, complete, submit the following forms as required:
  • STEP 4: Once Palmetto Bay permitting requirements are satisfied (only in the case of a production in a Village Park), Village staff advises the County Film Office them to proceed with their permitting process.

Dee Belz / Jeannie Lisenby,  Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment (305-375-3288)
Bill Kress, Village Communications Manager (305-259-1239 / 305-763-2429)
Mary Fernandez, Village Program & Events Supervisor (305-234-6383)

Review Palmetto Bay's local government Ordinance regarding its interlocal agreement with the Miami Dade Office of Film & Entertainment.

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