Garage Sales

Directory of Currently Permitted Sales*


September 24, 2016 Time 7am-11am
8521 SW 151 Street
Household items, children and adult clothing, baby items and toys

September 24, 2016 Time 7am-2pm
7500 SW 152 Street
Household Goods

September 24, 2016 Time 8am-2pm
8845 SW 160 Street
Clothing, household items, furniture

September 24, 2016 Time 8am-12pm
8601 SW 163 Terrace
Furniture, toys, clothes, books, kitchen supplies, art and decorations

September 24, 2016 Time 8am-2pm
7920 SW 165 Street
Household items

September 24, 2016 Time 8am-2pm
16801 SW 77 Ave
Household goods, clothing new and used, kids sport toys

September 24, 2016 Time 7am-12noon
8860 SW 174 Street
Clothing, furniture (curio cabinet), antique hall tree, glassware, baby items, jewelry and odd and ends

September 24, 2016 Time 7am-1pm
17534 SW 83 Court
Clothes, furniture, books, housewares

September 24, 2016 Time 8am-12pm
17625 SW 84 Avenue
Clothes, sheets, blankets, shoes, chairs, beach chair, kids toys, kid items, acupuncture mat with pillow, kitchen items, miscellaneous items and boogie board

September 24, 2016 Time 8am-5pm
18342 SW 94 Court
Household stuff

September 25, 2016 Time 8am-1pm
16848 SW 82 Court
Baby items, kitchen items, household items, clothes and toys

October 1, 2016 Time 8am-4pm
8440 SW 151 Street
General household items

October 1, 2016 Time 9am-2pm
16511 SW 78 Avenue
Clothes, furniture and household items

October 8, 2016 Time 8:45am-3:30pm
8205 SW 174 Terrace
All ages of clothes, household items, shoes, furniture, baby items, toys, too much to list and a canoe (12ft) square back

October 8, 2016 Time 7am-
9555 SW 184 Street
Clothes, household items, toys, books and miscellaneous (wall hanging frames)

Garage Sales Rules & Regulations

  • Definition: A garage sale means the sale of personal property at the property on which the sale is occurring. The term shall include, but not be limited to, "lawn sale," "yard sale," "estate sale" or "rummage sale."
  • Number of Sales: Each single-family homeowner, multifamily residence building or charitable, civic, educational, or religious organization is permitted 4 garage sales per calendar year (January-December.)
  • Time: Garage sales may only take place during daylight hours.
  • Permit Required: Prior to holding a garage sale, the property owner or tenant shall obtain a permit. *If a tenant applications for garage sales must be accompanied by the written permission of the property owner.
  • There shall be no fee for the permit. Merchandise: Merchandise to be sold at a garage sale shall have been previously used or crafted and not belonging to a business entity.
  • Merchandise Display: Merchandise to be sold at a garage sale shall be displayed in a garage, carport, private driveway, or yard. Merchandise shall not be displayed on public right-of-way or swale area. All items must be removed by the end of the last day of the sale.
  • Signs: up to 4 signs providing directions to a garage sale are permitted to be placed off-site from the location of the garage sale 2 signs advertising a garage sale are permitted to be displaced on private property where the garage sale is bring held, signs advertising a garage sale shall not be displayed until the first day of the sale and shall be removed at the end of the last day of the sale, signs shall not be larger than 22 inches by 28 inch; signs shall include the property address of the garage sale and the garage sale permit number.

For complete details about garage sales in the Village of Palmetto Bay, see the Village's approved ordinance.

Obtaining a Garage Sale Permit

Garage sales in Palmetto Bay must be permitted. Applying for a permit is quick, simple and free of charge. Owners wishing to have a garage sale must submit a permit application to the Department of Planning and Zoning. 

Applications are available online or at Village Hall, and completed applications may be faxed, mailed or dropped off in person.

Contact Information

Palmetto Bay Municipal Center
9705 E. Hibiscus St.
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

e-mail: Planning & Zoning Division

Phone 305-259-1272
Fax 786-338-7432

Advertising Garage Sales

Permitted garage sales may be advertised on the Village website prior to your sale day, as a free service to Palmetto Bay residents. We must receive your application by 3 p.m. on the WEDNESDAY prior to the scheduled garage-sale date in order to be included in the weekly website listing (which is compiled and posted each Friday). You may even submit your notice a couple weeks in advance, if you wish. 

Garage sale applications may continue to be accepted and processed through noon Friday, but you will not receive a free posting here on the website. Descriptions of items are taken directly from the application and are therefore listed exactly as they appear on the application.