IBUS- Bus Circulator Service


Regular Bus Schedule by Route

Route A:
Monday - Friday (except Village Holidays)
10 am - 1:10 pm

Route B:
Monday - Friday (except Village Holidays)
7 am - 5:26 pm
No service 9:20 am - 1:10 pm

Bus Schedule and Route Map

Route A & B Map / Schedule

What is the I-Bus?

In 2006, the Village of Palmetto Bay launched a much-needed intra-Village bus service in accordance with the requirements of the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust (CITT) program.  Operation of the I-Bus service is paid for with funding from the People’s Transportation Plan (PTP) transportation surtax approved by county voters to improve transportation choices in Miami-Dade County. 

The I-Bus service was designed to increase the number of destinations that can be reached by a fixed route schedule throughout Palmetto Bay and surrounding areas, and to connect with Miami-Dade Transit routes.  "IBus" is a play on words to reflect the many beautiful ibis that frequent Village parks and neighborhoods. The blue and white buses feature an impressive drawing of this native bird.

All Village buses are air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible and bike rack equipped and the bus ride is FREE!  The buses follow the route schedule as close as possible.   However, unforeseen traffic conditions may cause the IBus to arrive slightly early or late at times. As with any mode of transportation, please allow ample time for traveling. 

Village IBus service is succeeding in many ways:

  • Key intersections and sidewalks have been upgraded along IBus routes throughout the Village (making them ADA compliant);
  • IBus is an efficient eco-friendly operation by properly adjusting routes and schedules;
  • The service meets the needs of loyal riders on popular routes;
  • IBus is the only public transportation within the Village that links riders to the Miami-Dade Busway and MetroRail service.

Compliance with Title VI (Federal Non-discrimination Laws)

The Village of Palmetto Bay is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of its transit services on the basis of race, color, or national origin, as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Circular 4702.1.A.

Pursuant to our Title VI Program Plan approved by the Village Council on March 2, 2015, the Village of Palmetto Bay (a sub-recipient of Federal Transportation Administration funding), fully complies with a requirements set forth by Miami-Dade County Transit to meet Federal Title VI rules by sharing the following documents with the public: