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IBus Schedule ... Service is back to its regular schedule as of January 4, 2016. Please see the route schedule and map below for hours of operation. JAN.4, 2016

Title VI Compliance ... Palmetto Bay ensures no person is excluded from participation in the benefits of its transit services, and so we are in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination. Read more. MAR 2, 2015

Updated Brochure ... Our Village IBus informational brochure is now up to date and available for your referencing pleasure! Download it for a senior citizen or someone who may not have access to a PC. JUNE, 2015

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Regular Hours of Service

Route A:
Monday - Friday (except Village Holidays)
10 am - 1:10 pm

Route B:
Monday - Friday (except Village Holidays)
7 am - 5:26 pm
No service 9:20 am - 1:10 pm

Bus Schedule and Route Map

Route A & B Map / Schedule


General Information Brochure

In 2006, the Village of Palmetto Bay launched a much-needed intra-Village bus service in full compliance with Miami-Dade County policy, as directed by the staff of the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust (CITT) and the County Attorney's Office. The service was designed to increase the number of destinations that can be reached via fixed public routes throughout Palmetto Bay and surrounding areas, as well as to connect with Miami-Dade Transit routes and the very popular busway.

"IBus" is a play on words to reflect the many beautiful ibis that frequent Village parks and neighborhoods. The blue and white buses feature an impressive drawing of this native bird.

"This circulator service furthers our efforts to provide the community with an effective, eco-friendly mode of transportation,” said Director of Public Services, Corrice Patterson. “Previously, residents had to find their own way to the busway or one of the County’s other transit routes.” By 2008, the Village was reporting significant month-over-month increases in ridership. In fact, during the six-month period ending in June 2008, ridership nearly doubled (from 860 riders in January to 1,690 in June).

The IBus is air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible and bike rack equipped. The bus service will also provide public transportation to parks located within the boundaries of the Village. There is no fare when using the IBus. However, riders making connections to the Miami-Dade Transit line are expected to pay the appropriate fares at the time of transfer. “We will continuously review the routes and expand or change them as necessary,” said Patterson.

The service operates as close to schedule as possible. Traffic conditions may cause the IBus to arrive slightly early or late. As with any mode of transportation, please allow ample time for traveling. This initiative is being paid for with money from the People’s Transportation Plan (PTP). As stated in a publication of the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust, “the plan was created because of public demand for greater mobility choices in Miami-Dade County. The citizens backed their demand at the ballot box by approving the transportation surtax to fund the projects in the PTP.”

Village IBus service is succeeding in many ways:

  • Key intersections and sidewalks have been upgraded along IBus routes throughout the Village (making them ADA compliant);
  • IBus is an efficient eco-friendly operation by properly adjusting routes and schedules;
  • The service meets the needs of loyal riders on popular routes such as Route B into the Palmetto Bay Village Center;
  • IBus is the only public transportation within the Village that links riders to the Miami-Dade Busway and MetroRail service.

Public Services Staff

Corrice Patterson, Director
Luz Dominguez, Administrative Assistant
Danny Casals, Field Operations Supervisor
Franklin Myrthil, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Jimmy Pruneda, Maintenance Worker
Steven Diaz, Maintenance Worker
Freddie Jackson, Janitor/Facility Maintenance Worker
Sammy Rivera, Facility Maintenance Worker
Juan Lopez, Bus Operator
Gil Lackwood, Bus Operator

Phone: 305-969-5011
Fax: 305-969-5091