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Department Headlines

The Village Clerk serves as our Elections Supervisor. A municipal General Election for candidates and a Special Election to consider Charter Amendments is scheduled for November 8, 2016. In this election, candidates may qualify for the Vice Mayor and Councilmember-Seat 2. Need more information?

Looking for a particular document? Please contact the Clerk's office by phone or email. Staff will complete the required form and begin gathering up the records for you. The Village Clerk's office follows Florida Sunshine Laws to insure that all residents receive documents they request. Feel free to review the Village's policy for details..

Village Ordinances (the laws adopted by the Council) are regularly updated through a partnership between the Clerk's office and Municipal Code Corporation.This process of publishing Ordinances, known as codification, allows for laws to be published in a manner that makes it easy to find the particular law you are seeking. Visit Municode.

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About the Office of the Village Clerk

Village Clerk Meighan J. Alexander, CMC, is one of the three Chartered positions in the Village appointed by the Village Council. Reporting directly to the Council, the Village Clerk serves as secretary for the Village Council and of the Municipal Corporation. In March of 2003, Alexander officially became the first Village Clerk for Palmetto Bay. The responsibilities of the Village Clerk in the Village of Palmetto Bay are as follows:

  • Gives notice of all Council meetings to its members and the public, and shall maintain an accurate record of all Council proceedings;
  • Maintains the seal of the Village and attest the Mayor’s or the Manager’s signature, as the case may be, on all documents;
  • Serves as the municipal Supervisor of Elections;
  • Administers the publication of the Village Code and Charter;
  • Maintains custody of the Village’s vital records including agreements, contracts, minutes, ordinances, proclamations, and resolutions;
  • Functions as the Information Technology Coordinator; and
  • Manages all Public Information Requests. (Please review the policy provided here.)

Clerk Alexander Biography

Meighan Alexander is highly qualified with a BA in English from Florida International University, holds a Microsoft Certified Professional Certificate (MCP), and achieved the nationally accredited status of Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC). With more than 15 years of municipal experience, she has past experience as Clerk of the City of Florida City and the City of North Bay Village. Additionally, she served as first Acting Clerk for the then-newly incorporated City of Miami Gardens and for the Town of Cutler Bay. She also served as Interim Clerk to provide service to the Town of Miami Lakes during its 2004 election.

Clerk Alexander is a member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), Florida Association of City Clerks (FACC), Miami-Dade County Municipal Clerks Association, and Florida Records Management Association (FRMA). She was officially hired in 2003 as has served as the Clerk for the Village since its inception.

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Forms and Documents

Notices of all meetings can be found on the calendar section of the "Home" page and details of all meetings can be found on the Public Meetings page.


Monday through Friday (except on observed holidays)
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Village of Palmetto Bay Municipal Center
Office of the Village Clerk
9705 East Hibiscus Street
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

Phone:  305-259-1234
Fax:  305-259-1290


Meighan J. Alexander, CMC, Village Clerk
Melissa Dodge, Administrative Assistant


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