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Palmetto Bay Village Hall Receives #1 LEED Rating

Municipal Center Now Ranks as Only Government Office Building in Entire State of Florida to Attain Platinum Rating

PALMETTO BAY, Fla., OCT 23, 2012 -- The Village of Palmetto Bay hosted a press conference today to announce official designation of its Municipal Complex as a Platinum LEED building by the U.S.. Green Building Council -- the highest recognition for green building design and construction. The Palmetto Bay Municipal Center now ranks as the first and only government office building in Florida to attain this certification. Also see Palmetto Bay News (11/13/12) coverage of the press conference.

The Village received official designation from the USGBC on Oct. 5, 2012. Only three percent of those who apply for Platinum LEED status worldwide actually attain this elite status. Download details of this amazing building and read more in the latest edition of e-Currents, where the breaking news was announced. View photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Press Conference Remarks

  • Remarks presented by Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk
  • Remarks presented by Palmetto Bay Director-Building & Capital Improvements Edward Silva
  • Announcement by Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen


Visit 'Village Green' Website

Palmetto Bay seeks to become a model community for energy savings and environmental conservation. The Municipal Center is a testament to this goal. Press this big green button to visit the Village's own “Village Green” website that brings awareness to the public about conservation and energy efficiency.

Government Dignitaries Attend Milestone Event

Several dignitaries and guests were invited to join Mayor Stanczyk and Members of the Village Council in making this milestone announcement of Palmetto Bay's Platinum-LEED Designation. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, Oct. 23, in the Palmetto Bay Village Hall Chambers, 9705 E. Hibiscus St., Palmetto Bay Fla.

  • Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  • Staff Representative of Senator Marco Rubio's Office Alan Cruz Higgins
  • Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell
  • Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall
  • Cutler Bay Councilwoman Peggy Bell

Platinum LEED Certification of Village Hall

Posing following a press conference announcing Palmetto Bay's achievement are: (l to r) Village Manager Ron E. Williams, Councilmember Joan LIndsay, former Vice Mayor Brian Pariser, Mayor Shelley Stanczyk, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, former Councilmember Howard J. Tendrich, and Councilmember Patrick Fiore (Oct. 23, 2012).

Municipal Center Project Description

Palmetto Bay’s 25,000-square-foot Municipal Complex houses the Village’s administrative departments, the Policing Unit, and Council Chambers with a 98-person capacity. Additionally, the facility features a state-of-the art Emergency Operations Center where officials have the capability to safely direct post-disaster operations in the event of a natural disaster.

Green Elements of Village Hall:

  • Photovoltaic Power
  • Cistern Irrigation System (40,000 gallons)
  • Cistern Flushing System (20,000 gallons)
  • Daylight Harvesting Design
  • Energy-efficient Doors & Windows
  • Variable-refrigerant air conditioning system & ductwork designed to reduce external state pressure
  • 95% LED Interior/Exterior Lighting
  • LED Landscape Lighting
  • Occupancy Sensors for Lighting & Exhaust Fans
  • Solar Thermal Energy System (water heater)
  • 50,000 square feet of permeable pavers for water collection
  • Water condensate collection system
  • Dual-flush restroom fixtures
  • Xeriscape Landscaping
  • High-emissivity roof material


  • First municipal center to obtain Platinum-level certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Recipient of the 2011 Award of Excellence in the Pavers category presented by the National Concrete Masonry Association
  • Honorary guest of the 2012 Paver Palooza event by Hanson Hardscapes featuring the Municipal Center project

Photovoltaic Roof

The project design featured flat-roof panels where possible to accommodate 120V of solar power captured by a spread of Photovoltaic panels. A total of $13,090 or 21,305 CO2 was saved in a 3-month period, April - July 2012.

Twelve inverters capture and translate this information into an energy monitoring program for easy viewing and retrieval.

Permeable Pavers

The hardscape is comprised of permeable pavers which cover all hard surfaces. The unique design allows rainwater to be filtered through and collected into one of two cisterns. There are no drainage points throughout the site. All water is collected in the paver underlayment.

Rainwater Collection System

Two underground cisterns were built onsite. A 40,000 gallon cistern collects sufficient water to irrigate the entire site. A smaller 20,000 gallon cistern collects water for flushing all toilets and urinals which employ a dual-flushing mechanism. In addition to the water collected through the pavers, water condensate from the air conditioning system is also captured and collected in the cisterns. Permeable Pavers Cisterns whereby a rock-filtering system transports the clean water to the cisterns. Localized flooding is almost impossible. Additionally, the pavers attract less heat than traditional asphalt coat.

Pictured at right: Imprint of underground 40,000-gallon rainwater cistern, soon after installation, before sod settled in.

LED Lighting

LED fixtures were used for both interior and exterior lighting. Exterior LED-lighting features a multicolored RGB design that illuminates the Village Hall dome. All landscape lighting is also LED. Interior lighting is 95 percent LED and all systems are connected to individual motion sensors that automatically shut off the lights when no one is detected in the area.

Energy-efficient LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the most efficient bulbs available, as they use at least 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, last 25 times longer, and don't require or emit great amounts of heat.  

Other Energy-Saving Features:

Several other energy-efficient systems are in place at the Village's Platinum-LEED certified Municipal Center, including a variable-refrigerant air-conditioning system that is comprised of 31 different zones, each with its own thermostat which can be controlled simultaneously or individually for maximum efficiency. Ductwork used was designed to reduce external static pressure and minimize fan energy. 

There is also a solar-water heater system whereby all water fixtures, including showers, are connected to a 100% solar-water heater. Power is generated by photovoltaic panels on the roof of the bicycle station. The covered bicycle station features a see-through photovoltaic roof that powers the water heater (see photo below).

The facility also utilizes an extensive drip irrigation system -- the most efficient method of irrigating because it uses much less water, as opposed to sprinkler systems that are around 75-85% efficient. Drip irrigation also reduces disease problems associated with high levels of moisture on some plants. The facilitiy also offers two car-charging stations in the east parking lot.


  • First municipal center to obtain Platinum-level certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Recipient of the 2011 Award of Excellence in the Pavers category presented by the National Concrete Masonry Association
  • Honorary guest of the 2012 Paver Palooza event by Hanson Hardscapes featuring the Municipal Center project

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