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You're in Good Hands

You are probably visiting this webpage because you are in crisis -- you've lost your family pet or you recently found a stray. Allow us to assist in facilitating a happy reunion by visiting this independently managed and operated Lost & Found website.

We also provide helpful information and resources here (below) for animal lovers in the community. Feel free to visit our Dog Park Facebook and share lost-animal postings there as well. After all, it takes a Village (to coin a phrase)!

Miami-Dade County Animal Services

The Village of Palmetto Bay does not operate its own Animal Services program. Instead we rely on the professionals at the County level. Please visit Miami-Dade Animal Services as an important resource for information including:

  • Licensing / Microchips
  • Euthanasia / Vaccinations
  • Spay-Neuter / Pet Adoption
  • Groomer Licensing / Vets & Dealer Licenses
  • Pet Safety / Disaster Preparedness
  • Pet Transportation / Pet Laws
  • Lost & Found / Shelter Locations

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Award-Winning Dog Park

Visit Palmetto Bay's only park where dogs can let their hair down and run free: Perrine Wayside Perrine Wayside Dog Park. The park is closed the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month (till noon) for maintenance. Perrine Wayside Park, is located at 16425 So. Dixie Highway, even has its own Dog Park Facebook.

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Seasonal Pet Care Tips

Happy Holidays ... Remember to dog- and cat-proof your home over the holidays. All those shinny ornaments, Christmas Trees, wreaths, and delicious food can be a real danger to your pets -- and cost you a bundle if you have to make an emergency trip to your veterinarian. Pay attention to what your animals are up to and you’ll head off a problem before it happens!

We also found this very helpful checklist to consider, on the ASPCA website.

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Local Animal Rescue Organizations

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