Public Advisory Boards

Serve on a Palmetto Bay Advisory Committee

Education Advisory Board

All seats on the Education Advisory Committee are presently filled. This board reviews terms of the Education Compact between the Village and Miami-Dade Public Schools. Learn more and see recent news coverage.


Art-in-Public-Places Advisory Board

Got an eye for art? Help the Village review and propose art work to be acquired under the Art in Public Places Program. The group also oversees the public education, and curatorial aspects of the AIPP program. Learn more


Tree Advisory Board

Go out on a limb to serve on the Village's Tree Advisory Committee. Members must be knowledgeable in urban planning, landscape architecture, or be a tree-related professional or civic activist. Learn more about what it wood take to serve.


Historic Preservation Advisory Board

The group serves as an advisory board to identify and administer historical, cultural, archeological, and architectural resources in the Village. This Board normally meets one evening per month. For   qualifications and application requirements, learn more.