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Florida City Gas (FCG), together with Mears Construction, is performing system improvements at the intersection of 168 St. and US1 beginning March 24. Week-long project will take place weeknights 9 pm - 6 am. Lane closures are expected. Feel free to call Palmetto Bay Public Works for info at 305-969-5011. MAR 24, 2015

In honor of its continued commitment to effective urban forest management, the Village of Palmetto Bay has again earned official recgonition as a 2014 Tree City USA and received a Growth Award from the Arbor Day Foundation. Read more. MAR 24, 2015


Palmetto Bay is committed to ensuring no person is excluded from participation in the benefits of its transit services. Therefore, the Village is in full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or nationality in programs receiving Federal financial assistance.

As our community becomes more dense, construction of bicycle/pedestrian facilities as an alternative to automobile travel becomes more important. Palmetto Bay's Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan is a step toward achieving a higher percentage of non-motorized trips by identifying areas in greatest need. AUG 01, 2009

Department News

Tree Study Outcome ... The first-ever tree inventory study has been completed, with the help of a $15,000 grant award by the Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program, marking the location and condition of 25,566 trees (nearly 200 different species) planted on public property throughout Palmetto Bay. MAR 1, 2015

County Waste Fees ... Property owners in the Solid Waste Collection Service Area who purchased additional green waste carts prior to Oct. 1, 2014, received letters about the new fee. Call for info: 305-499-8773.

Flood Protection Webpages ... Because Palmetto Bay is in an area susceptible to flooding, so FEMA specifically designated the majority of our Village a "Special Flood Hazard Area." Read moreJUL 16, 2013

Love Your Swale ... Homeowners are responsible for mowing, litter/debris removal, palm-frond removal, and landscape on public right-of-ways adjacent to their properties. See Municode Section 30-60.1 MAR 15, 2014

Block Parties ... Residents must file an application for a Temporary Street Closing Permit with Public Works no later than 14 days prior to an event. You must also submit a petition signed by 75% of residents within the area being barricaded, and provide announcements to all area residents. (Different requirements apply to businesses.) OCT 27, 2011

Tree Request Process ... If you want a tree planted in the right-of-way adjacent to your property, download this form Form and follow the simple instructions. JUN 9, 2014

Pests Invade Website ... During the hot, wet summer season, you'll find helpful hints on mosquito control -- as well as information to address growing concerns re: Ficus and Gumbo Limbo Whiteflies, on the Village's Pest Control webpage. JUN 20, 2012

Why No Bike Lanes ... A resident recently asked why bike lanes were not introduced as part of the SW 144 St. road-way improvement project. Our Public Works team reports that the street is not wide enough for bicycles and cars to operate safely within one lane.  Read more. AUG 12, 2011

Landscape Covenant Form ... If you are considering planting your own landscaping in the right-of-way along your property, please complete this Maintenance of Landscaping Covenant form requesting Village permission to plant trees and agreeing that you will perform all required maintenance of that landscaping. APRIL 12, 2011

Mosquito Season ... Miami-Dade Mosquito Control provides updates during the summer, which we in turn post on our Pest Control webpage, along with updates on truck spraying and aerial spraying. SEP 09, 2014

Department News Archive

Biography - Director of Public Works Corrice Patterson

As Director of the Village of Palmetto Bay’s Public Works department, Ms. Patterson offers extensive experience in both the public and private sector. Since 2001, she has held positions with the City of Miami in the Department of Community Development; and has served in Palmetto Bay’s Public Works division since its inception in 2003. In the private sector, Ms. Patterson worked as a Sr. Engineering Technician for a major pharmaceutical company. She earned a Bachelor degree in Manufacturing Technology from Kentucky State University. She is an active member of the Florida Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA).

In her capacity as Public Works Director, Ms. Patterson oversees department’s Operating and Capital Improvement Project budgets. Additionally, Ms. Patterson:

  • Provides facility maintenance support for municipal buildings;
  • Oversees fleet management;
  • Administers the Village’s stormwater utility program;
  • Manages consultant engineering services agreements;
  • Reports on departmental activities;
  • Sets long-range goals;
  • Provides operational planning; and
  • Manages departmental personnel.

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About Public Works & Department Goals

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the support and maintenance of the Village infrastructure including all properties consisting of public right-of-ways, medians, facilities, and buildings within the Village boundaries. Additionally, the Department oversees street beautification projects, Stormwater activities, and planning and construction management for various Capital Improvement Projects affecting the Village's infrastructure. Solid waste, garbage and yard trash pick ups, are handled through Miami-Dade County. The Public Works Department has continued to deliver excellence every day. Rain or shine, the crews are ever-present, assisting the residents. This small town approach continues to exemplify the best of Palmetto Bay.

Department Goals

Increase job-related training to meet current and future needs of the department. Ensure continuous improvement in employee performance through education and training. Provide efficient and effective services to the residents, consultants, and contractors of the Village through administration, general direction, and coordination of activities of the Public Works Department.

Roadway and Sidewalk Improvements
Maintain Village roadways for safe vehicular and public travel in accordance with the Village’s seven (7) year Resurfacing Program. Re-evaluate the Village’s seven (7) year Resurfacing Program. Maintain sidewalks, curbs, and gutters to reduce citizen requests for maintenance.

Traffic Calming
Provide for the efficient and safe movement of people and pedestrians within the Village through the use of traffic engineering studies, design, installation, maintenance and operation of traffic control devices including directional signs, speed limit signs, permanent traffic calming devices and pavement markings

Stormwater Improvement Projects
Continue to implement capital improvement projects in accordance with the Village’s Storm Water Master Plan. Revenue from the Village’s Stormwater Utility and grant funds from the Department of Environmental Protection will be used to support both Capital and Operating Expenses.

Signage Program
Continue implementation of the Village’s overall signage program

Coordinate and manage transit service contract, provide recommendations for enhancing Village transit services and ensure compliance with Citizen Independent Transportation Trust requirements. Read more.

Right of Way Enhancements
Continue to coordinate and manage available resources to enhance the esthetics of the Village Neighborhoods, while strengthening the infrastructure where needed.


  • Transportation Master Plan -The Transportation Master Plan was completed in FY 2004-05. This Plan will provide the blueprint for future transportation projects and investments. The Transportation Plan received the 2004 Outstanding Transportation Study Award from the American Planning Association’s Gold Coast Section.
  • Stormwater Master Plan - The Stormwater Master Plan provides the justification for the grant funding that the Village has received from the State and forms the basis for the establishment of a Palmetto Bay Stormwater Utility. In conjunction with the Stormwater Master Plan the Village entered into an interlocal agreement with Miami-Dade County as co-permittee on NPDES MS4 operating permit. FLS000003. Effective February 2, 2005 FEMA approved the Village’s application to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. This action guarantees that flood insurance will continue to be available to local property owners.
  • Signage Master Plan - The Signage Master Plan provides the basis for the Village to undertake the requested signage upgrades throughout the Village that will strengthen the community’s sense of identity and make it easier for residents and visitors to find their way.
  • Traffic Calming - The Village Public Works Department, working in conjunction with Miami-Dade County, continues to respond to numerous residential complaints in reference to traffic signals and other traffic control devices to reduce speeding through residential neighborhoods. Traffic calming projects are currently underway throughout Village neighborhoods.
  • Circulator Study - The Public Works Department has taken the initiative to investigate alternate modes of transportation within the Village to minimize roadway congestion. These initiatives include the new "IBUS" bus circulator currently in operation. Please click here for more information.

Capital Improvements

The Public Works Department, building on the foundations described above, has begun the implementation of improvements throughout the Village.

  • Roadway Resurfacing - The Department of Public Works is committed to providing quality roadways to meet the needs of its residents and the traveling public. They are committed to doing this in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The staff is responsible for approximately 118 miles of two-lane roadways in the Village. All roadways have been prioritized based on a seven-year work plan.
  • Sidewalks - Repair of approximately 6,750 square feet of damaged sidewalk, installation of curbing on 152nd St. adjacent to Coral Reef Park and the installation of approximately 3,080 square feet of new sidewalks throughout the Village.
  • Stormwater Projects - Completion of several stormwater projects throughout the Village.
  • Traffic Calming - The Village's second traffic circle has been completed.
  • Street & Welcome Monument Signage - Annual maintenance of the Village's 1,000-plus blue street signs continues. See more information and photos.

Forms & Documents

Staff & Contact Information

Corrice Patterson, Director
Luz Dominguez, Administrative Assistant
Danny Casals, Field Operations Supervisor
Franklin Myrthil, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Jimmy Pruneda, Grounds Maintenance Worker
Steven Diaz, Grounds Maintenance Worker
Ernesto Perez, Facility Maintenance Worker I
Freddie Jackson, Facility Maintenance Worker II
Juan Lopez, Bus Operator

Phone: 305-969-5011
Fax: 305-969-5091

Garbage/Trash Pick-up Information

Read more about Miami-Dade County
Solid Waste/Trash Services here.



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