Apply for a Temporary Speed Hump

Interested in temporary speed humps on your street?

In response to an overwhelming number of resident requests for speed tables, the village developed the Temporary Speed Table Program. 

Residents interested in installing temporary speed tables in their neighborhoods due to excessive speeding or poor traffic conditions, must submit a Temporary Speed Table Application and submit the completed application to the Public Services Department.   As a requirement of the program, the application requires approval from 67% of the area's neighbors. Once the Public Services Department verifies and approves the application, the area(s) goes on an installation list that is provided to the speed table contractor for installation.

Temporary Speed Hump Process 

1. Initial complaint from Community/Resident expressing interest in temporary speed humps.

2. Traffic calming application and petition mailed to requestor. 

3. Completed application with petition received by Public Works Staff. 
  • Does not meet minimum criteria with 67% of households in support; process ends/lack of support letter is mailed to the residents.
  • Meets minimum criteria with 67% of households in support; application moves forward and petition is verified and a speed data analysis is performed
4. Prioritize project.

5. Petition with Final layout of planned improvements mailed to households directly adjacent to speed hump(s).

6. Petition signed by 100% of households directly adjacent to speed hump(s).
  • If no, process ends/lack of support letter mailed to Residents/Community.
  • If yes, Install temporary device(s) for 90 days.
7. Effectiveness of temporary device(s) is evaluated.
8. Determination on whether permanent device(s) are warranted.
  • If no, process ends.  
  • If yes, fund as a capital improvement project (CIP).