Street-by-Street Initiative

We know how frustrating it is to see problems on your street, and feel as though it's an uphill battle to get them fixed. Mayor Karyn Cunningham along with administration and staff have begun canvassing all Village streets to assess issues that need attention. Whether it's a simple sign clean-up or major repair work needed, all concerns will be addressed. 

Street by Street App

Now, you can directly contact us and let us know about issues/problems that you see on any Palmettto Bay roadway.  Whether it's in your own neighborhood, or a Village road you use to get around town, if there's something that needs attention, please let us know. 

Simply click the link below to access our new Street by Street online tool to submit your request.  You may also take a picture of the QR code below to download the Street by Street app right to your phone or mobile device.  Once downloaded, click on "Start Request" and you're done!  Sign in to check on the progress of your request and ask any questions of a Village staff member.
A short tutorial on how to use the app is available on our YouTube Channel.  Click the link below to watch the tutorial.

Thank you, and let's continue to work together to get the job done, and keep our streets safe and clean!   

Download the Street by Street App

Palmetto Bay Street by Street App QR Code

Mayor & Staff assess conditions on Village roads in need of improvement