2022 Study Areas/Locations

Temporary speed tables are installed based on a first-come-first-served basis, and in accordance with the established Village process for temporary speed tables.  

The Village has a limited number of temporary speed tables and as these are removed from locations where the approved time period for the temporary tables has expired, they are relocated to the next approved location.  

Below is a list showing the areas that will be studied in 2022 to determine eligibility of a traffic calming device at the location.


1Farmer RoadOld Cutler RoadSW 136th St
2SW 139th TerrSW 80th AveSW 82nd Ave
3Intersection ofSW 142nd StreetSW 78th Ave
4SW 148th Terr.Old Cutler RoadSW 69th Ct
5SW 149th StreetSW 71st AveSW 69th Ct
6SW 80th AveSW 152nd StSW 151st St
7SW 146 TerrSW 74th AveOld Cutler Road
8SW 182nd StreetSW 92nd AveSW 94th Ave
9SW 85th AveSW 152nd StSW 160th St
10SW 90th AveSW 164th StSW 168th St
11SW 163rd StSW 82nd AveSW 84th Ave
12SW 163rd StSW 90th AveSW 89th Ave
13SW 91st AveSW 168th StSW 164th St
14SW 79th PlSW 173rd St168th St
15SW 157th StSW 90th AveSW 89th Ave
16SW 140th TerrSW 74th CourtSW 74th Ave
17SW 140th TerrSW 73rd CtSW 73rd Ave
18SW 74th CtSW 139th TerrSW 136th St
19SW 160th StSW 90th AveSW 89th Ave
20SW 83rd AveSW 163rd StSW 162nd St
21SW 74th AveSW 152nd StSW 148th St
22Indigo StreetSW 98th AveSW 97th Ave
23SW 93rd AveSW 168th StSW 164th St
24SW 72nd AveSW 144th StSW 139th Terrace
25SW 75th AveSW 157th StSW 156th St
26SW 78th PlSW 183rd Terr SW 180th St 
27SW 84th Ave SW 165th Terr SW 160th St 
28SW 74th PlSW 152nd St SW 148th St 
29SW 69th Ct SW 152nd Terr SW 148th Terr
30SW 180th St SW 94th Ave SW 93rd Ave 
31SW 148th St SW 80th Ave SW 79th Ct 
32SW 74th Ave SW 147th St SW 144th St 
33SW 147th StSW 75th Ave SW 74th Ave 
34SW 167th St SW 74th Ave Old Cutler Rd
35SW 74th Ave SW 168th St SW 167th St
36SW 178th Ter SW 92nd Ave SW 89th PL 
37SW 141st St US1 SW 82nd Ave
38SW 142nd StSW 87th Ave SW 82 Ave 
39SW 93 Place SW 176th StSW 174 St
40SW 82nd Ct. SW 136th St. SW 139th Ter 
41SW 164th St SW 93rd Ave SW 90th Ave 
42SW 92nd Ave SW 167th TerSW 165th St 
43SW 175th St SW 78th ave SW 77th Ave
44SW 82nd Ct SW 139th TerrSW 136th St
45SW 155th St SW 82nd Ave SW 80th Ave 
46SW 92nd Ave SW 160th St SW 168th St
47SW 89th Ct SW 155th St SW 152nd St 
48SW 146th StSW 87th Ave SW 82 Ave