Facade Improvements Grant Program

Village of Palmetto Bay Facade Improvement Grant Program Guidelines and Information

About the Program

The Village of Palmetto Bay Facade Improvement Grant Program offers assistance to qualified businesses and commercial properties along the US 1 corridor in Palmetto Bay in order to stimulate and incentivize private sector investment, beautification, economic growth, and job creation and retention in the Village.


To improve the appearance of the building facades within the Village's business district.

Funding Availability (subject to annual funding allocation)

  • Reimbursement up to 50% of total façade improvement costs
  • Up to $2,500 per property 

Eligible Improvements

The program provides financial assistance for the following external “facelift” improvements:

  • Siding/Stucco
  • Walls/Fencing/Railings *
  • ADA improvements *
  • Pedestrian amenities *
  • Windows/Doors *
  • Awnings/Canopies *
  • Lighting
  • Painting (no Building permit required)
  • Signage
  • Detached monument signs (Planning/Zoning review required)
  • Sidewalks/Surface Parking * (Public Works permit required)
  • Landscape/Xeriscape
* May require Miami-Dade Fire & other outside agency review/ Applicant is responsible for all permits required*

Please note that a grant application should not be considered an application for a building permit. For more info, please visit the Building Department.

Conditions for Automatic Disqualification

  • Businesses that relocate out of the district during the process.
  • Must not have delinquent loan (s) and/or unresolved liens.
  • Must not have an active violation from the Village for the work to be funded by the grant.
  • Construction must not have begun on the work to be funded by the grant.
  • Applications submitted before or after the advertised grant cycle will not be eligible.

Application Requirements

  • Business must be located in Palmetto Bay
  • Applicable to visible buildings outside of the DUV situated along US1 major thoroughfare and program is available for large or small types of business structures and commercial properties
  • Submit one completed original application with all requested documentation.
  • Include three estimates for the improvement. (One must be from a Palmetto Bay registered contractor)
  • Provide proof that the business has been operating for the past 1 year, (example: License, State Corporations, Sales Tax, or utility bill.) Proof must be in business’ name (include copy only).
  • Must submit a current Local Business Tax receipt.
  • Must submit printed copy of your active State of Florida Corporation Or Fictitious Name if business is incorporated (sunbiz.org).
  • Must submit picture of the façade of the business location.
  • Must submit renderings of the proposed façade improvement project.
  • Must provide copy of picture ID (driver’s license, Florida ID, or Immigration card) of owner.
  • A physical address is required. No P.O Box as mailing address allowed.

Approval Process

  • A pre-application meeting with the staff liaison is required. Please email Maria Pineda or Morelia Rodriguez.
  • Grant application must be submitted during the application cycle and before the deadline, to the Community and Economic Development Office along with all required documentation, including project plans and three (3) quotes for the specific job scope.
  • Application will be reviewed by the Economic Development division and scored by a committee appointed by the Village Manager (Palmetto Bay Economic Task Force).
  • Additional submittal documents may be requested upon review of the application.
  • Applicant will be informed of the approval or denial of the application in writing.
  • If the application is approved, the applicant must obtain all applicable building permits and approval from Building Department and authorities having jurisdiction, as well as pay applicable fees.
  • Applicants must submit a Final Payment Request including façade improvement project expenditures, applicable building permits and proof of final inspection to the Economic Development division for reimbursement.
  • The grant funds will be issued upon completion of the approved improvements as stipulated in the grant agreement, pending approval of the final inspection by the Building Department and authorization by the Village Manager.