Freebee Service

What is Freebee On-Demand Service?

Introduced to the Village on July 22, 2019, these are green, on-demand vehicles that pick you up and take you anywhere (door-to-door) within Palmetto Bay, FREE!

How It Works: 

1.  Download "Ride Freebee" in your app store. If you don’t use a smart phone, or you don’t wish to download the app, you may call 1-855-918-3733;

2. Summon Freebee to pick you up and deliver you to any point in the Village; 

3.  Confirm your pick-up and track your driver in real time.

Service Hours:

  • Monday - Saturday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sunday - Closed

FreeBee XL Is Here

The new Freebee XL van has arrived to the Village!!  And it’s electric…no, we’re not singing the famous song, it really is ELECTRIC! Every little bit helps our climate out. Experience it for yourself!  Plus, it’s FREE.  Click picture below for more...