Census 2020

April 1st, 2020 Census Day Miami-Dade Counts
The 2020 Census is accessible for everyone. You can respond online, visit 2020census.gov. You can re


•  September 2018 - The Census Bureau’s recruitment Web site went live: 2020census.gov/jobs. For each 
decennial census, the Census Bureau begins recruiting thousands of paid census takers to help 
ensure a complete and accurate count. Interested applicants can visit the Web site to apply for a 
variety of jobs beginning in 2019 and through summer 2020.

•  April 2019 - The 2020 Census Web site goes live: 2020census.gov. This site will be available in 
multiple languages and will provide downloadable materials, answers to frequently asked questions, 
and more information about how individuals and organizations can help spread the word about the 
2020 Census.

•  August 2019 - New Statistics in Schools classroom activities are available online: 
census.gov/schools. The Statistics in Schools program provides resources for teaching and learning 
with real-life data.

•  January 2020 - The first enumeration of the 2020 Census takes place in Toksook Bay, Alaska. Local 
census takers must get a head start while the frozen ground allows easier access to remote areas 
with unique accessibility challenges.

•  March 2020 - The public can begin responding to the 2020 Census online at 2020census.gov. Replying 
by mail or phone will also be an option.

•  April 2020 - Every 10 years, we observe Census Day on April 1.

•  June 2020 through July 2020 - Census takers go door to door to count people who have not
responded to the 2020 Census. Census takers are Census Bureau employees and will provide proof that 
they are official government personnel.

•  December 31, 2020 - By this date, as required by law, the Census Bureau reports to the President 
of the United States the population count and the apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of 
Representatives to each state.

•  2021 - Initial 2020 Census data are made available to the public on census.gov.
For the latest updates on the 2020 Census, visit MiamiCensus.org

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Census important to me?

  • Census data is crucial for our representative democracy and determines the number of legislative seats at all levels of government
  • Census data guides the allocation of more than $800 billion of federal funds
  • Census data drives funding for schools, libraries, hospitals, housing, and roads

Is my information protected?

  • Census data can only be used for statistical purposes
  • Personal information cannot be used against respondents in court or by a government agency
  • Census Bureau staff who have access to personal information are sworn for life
  • No citizenship question will be part of the Census questionnaire

Who should I count?

  • Everyone living at your address on April 1, regardless of age

How can I be counted?

  • Respond online, by phone or on paper


  • March 12-20, 2020 - Invitation to respond online mailed
  • March 16-24, 2020- Reminder letter
  • April 1, 2020 - Census Deadline