Neighborhood Protection Committee

Name:  Appointed by: 
Joe Bier (Chair)  Mayor Karyn Cunningham 
  Vice Mayor Leanne Tellam
Gary Pastorella Councilmember Patrick Fiore
Beverly Gerald (Secretary) Councilmember Steve Cody
Jennifer Santino-Finger Councilmember Marsha Matson 

Board Liaisons:

  • Council Liaison: Councilmember Marsha Matson
  • Staff Liaison: Wes Maltby, Building Official


The purpose of the committee is to consider what action could be taken to more effectively implement the provisions of the neighborhood protection section of the Village Charter, Section 10.2, including any possible ordinance(s) and excluding traffic.


The Committee shall consist of five individuals, with one Village resident appointed by each Member of the Village Council, one of whom is designated by the Mayor to serve as Chair of the Select Advisory Committee. 

All members who are absent from three (3) regularly scheduled meetings of the committee shall be automatically removed from the Committee. Committee members who are removed through this process may be reappointed by the Village Council member that appointed the committee member.

A majority of the committee members shall constitute a quorum. No business shall be conducted unless a quorum is present, other than by a workshop process, which may be invoked when a quorum fails to take place. Any action at the workshop shall be preliminary and non-binding and shall be subject to subsequent ratification by a quorum of the committee at a duly held meeting.

Committee Qualifications:


The Committee shall consist of five individuals, with one Village resident appointed by each Member of the Village Council, one of whom is designated by the Mayor to serve as Chair of the Select Advisory Committee.  

Committee Meetings/Reports:


The Committee shall meet on the call of the Committee Chair, but in any event shall meet at least once each month (excluding such mandatory meeting in August) until reporting to the Council. 

2021 Meeting Schedule - January to September

The committee has identified the meeting dates and times listed below through the month of September.  This is a preliminary schedule and meetings can be changed or rescheduled by the committee or may be canceled due to a lack of quorum.  

  • February 10, 2021, 5 pm
  • June 9, 2021, 5 pm
  • September 8, 2021, 5 pm

Please note that pursuant to the Village of Palmetto Bay’s Declaration of COVID-19 Virus State of Emergency Order No. 2020-11, all Village Advisory Boards, Committees, Task Forces, Charter Officers, and staff shall continue to meet virtually. All virtual meetings shall comply with the Florida Constitution, Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, and Chapter 286, Florida Statutes. All dates and times are subject to change and may be cancelled due to a lack of a quorum. If a Special Council Meeting is called by the Village Council which conflicts with a meeting date/time established herein, the meeting of the board, committee, or task force shall be cancelled and rescheduled for another date and time, which shall be voted upon by a majority of the members and shall not be in conflict with other scheduled meetings of the Village.

Members of the public will have the option to participate in these meetings by two ways: (option-1) submitting public comments by form which shall be read in the beginning of each meeting and/or (option-2) registering to attend the webinar in real-time using GoToWebinar service. A public notice will be accessible for each meeting illustrating the options available for public participation, including the registration information for the attendances.

Compliance with Village Ordinances, Resolutions, and Sunshine Laws: 

All Committee meetings shall comply with the Village Ordinances and Resolutions concerning meeting notices and comply with the Florida Sunshine Law, Section 286.011, Florida Statutes. The Council recognizes that the Committee is subject to the provisions of the Florida Sunshine Laws, including the Public Meetings Law. Written minutes shall be promptly prepared and kept of all committee meetings and shall be submitted to the Village Clerk who shall be responsible for the preservation of such minutes. No meetings may be held without proper notice.


Neighborhood Protection Committee Recommendation Report

Please click the link below to read the report presented to the Village Council during its Regular Council Meeting on May 3, 2021.  The report may also be downloaded from the Council meeting agenda.