Commercial Properties- Local Business Tax

How to Obtain A Commercial Local Business Tax License

Prior to the issuance of any Certificate of Use and Business Tax Receipt, the applicant shall comply with the following requirements: 

  1. Complete the required applications (links provided below) and submit to the Planning and Zoning Division for review (New Tenant Application/No Changes). While the permit process is being reviewed, the Certificate of Use application will be assigned a process number and a processing fee of $167 will be due upon submittal.  The Certificate of Use, Building Permit Application and Local Business Tax Application must be submitted at the same time for review and to assess pertinent fee(s).   See online payment instructions here.
  2. For your fire inspection, contact Miami Dade County Fire Rescue Department at (786) 331-4800 (for faster processing, press option #2 and wait on the line for assistance. A representative will provide further instructions on how to schedule the required safety inspection). Or email at
  3. Once a process number has been issued for the Certificate of Use the department, the designated employee will determine if the approval from the Environmental Resource Management aka DERM will be required. In the event that approval from DERM is required, the applicant must take the application for their review and approval stamp. The office is located at 11805 SW 26 Street (Coral Way) Miami, FL 33175, phone (786) 315-2800. For any associated fees please contact DERM directly; office hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. DERM's approval process may be obtained while waiting for Miami­Dade Fire inspection. Due to the pandemic COVID19 DERM is accepting applications via electronic
  4. Once DERM has approved and has stamped the Certificate of Use application, bring it together with the approved fire inspection report, this report from Miami-Dade County Fire Department may be forward via email to 
  5. Once the Building Permit application is ready for pick up, inspections must be scheduled in order to close the respective permit. After inspections are approved, applicant must submit permit card (yellow card) along with the Certificate of Completion/ Occupancy form therefore, to receive certificate.  Click here to see the Interim Building and Permitting Process due to COVID-19.
  6. Once Certificate of Completion is issued, a copy of the certificate will be provided to the zoning personnel in order to proceed with the Certificate of Use and the Business Tax Receipt.
  7. Applicant may request to have their license(s) and certificates to be sent by mail.
  8. As a courtesy, the Planning & Zoning Division suggests the applicant to contact Miami-Dade County Local Business Tax Department located in Downtown at 200 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33128 or


Click links below to access the required applications.  Once submitted, you will be contacted to confirm receipt and at that time you will also be informed of any missing applications or documents.

Please Read Carefully

In order to process your Certificate of Use and Local Business Tax Receipt, it is necessary that the applications be complete and include all required attachments. During the process reviewing submitted applications, the applicant(s) may be asked to submit additional information. The Village does not guarantee a certificate or license upon submission of your application. Submission of an application for this process or a Certificate of Completion/Occupancy does not imply consent to operate your business therefore, you shall not conduct any business until a Certificate of Use and Local Business Tax Receipt is issued. The Village may not be held responsible for improvements you make at the location prior to all approvals given for the issuance of Certificate of Use and your Local Business Tax Receipt. Proper permits must be obtained for all alterations, remodeling, change of occupancy and repairs affecting the electrical, plumbing, mechanical or building structure. 

The following are the requirements for new tenants for same use/same occupancy with no changes to the unit. 

  • Permit Application (signed and notarized by property owner)
  • Current Use
  • Proposed Use
  • Square Footage of the Unit
  • Owner/ Builder Affidavit
  • Authorization letter from the property owner, stating no construction or modifications have occur previously/ currently in the unit
  • Two (2) floor plans/ sketch detail showing existing location of restrooms and water fountain
  • Final Certificate of Completion/Occupancy will be required
  • Final fire inspection approval

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Morelia Rodriguez in the Planning & Zoning Division at 305-259-1252, Monday thru·Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.