Home Office- Local Business Tax

Home Office Procedures for Residential Zones

The following information and documents is required to apply for a home office business tax license application:

  • Completed Business Tax License Application (see link below)
  • Detailed floor plan showing the size and dimensions of the house(s) well and the specific area that will be utilized for the home office within the house.

Required Applications

Click links below to access the required applications. Once submitted, you will be contacted to confirm receipt and at that time you will also be informed of any missing applications or documents.

Requirements and Rules

A home office is permitted as an ancillary use to all lawful residential uses subject to the following limitations:

  • The area of the dwelling unit devoted to a home office shall not exceed 200 square feet of the house, including the garage area. (A garage cannot be used as a home office without going through the building permit process to covert the garage into a habitable room).
  • The home office cannot be from an accessory building or other structure detached from the residence.
  • The home office use must be conducted by a member of the household residing in the dwelling unit, and no person shall be employed at any time in connection with the home office use who is not a member of the household residing in the dwelling unit. (A disable individual may employ a person al care attendant as necessary to accommodate a home office on the disable person).
  • No sign relating to the home office may be posted or displayed on the site. No vehicle may display any sign that might serve to indicate that the dwelling unit is being used for home office.
  • No customers, vendors, client’s suppliers or other patrons shall be served in person on the site.
  • There shall be no display, manufacturing, distribution, repair or storage of any type of materials, merchandise or other products on the premises.  There shall be no change in the outside residential character of the building or premises as a result of the home office use, or any visible evidence of business activity.
  • More than (1) home office may be permitted in a dwelling unit if each home office complies with all of the above requirements, and that the combined total square footage of the home office area in the house does not exceed two hundred (200) square feet
  1. Jackie Villegas

    Zoning & Licensing Specialist