Miami Dade County "New Normal Guidelines"

Miami-Dade County Reopens Businesses and Recreational Amenities under "New Normal" Guidelines

Miami-Dade County has allowed most businesses to reopen in cities and unincorporated areas of the county, including Palmetto Bay.  Most business types may operate provided they follow the guidelines established in the county's  "Moving to a New Normal" plan.

To assist businesses with the implementation of the new restrictions, Miami-Dade County issued its "Initial Reopening Plan" detailing the rules under which businesses may operate.  A link to the plan is provided below:

To further assist our own businesses locally, Palmetto Bay contacted commercial owners to provide the county plan along with information detailing the specific protocols that apply to their business type.  That information is included below:

To learn which businesses may open in Miami-Dade County, click the link below to read the county's reopening orders:

Miami-Dade County Highlights

  • Miami-Dade under a daily curfew from 10 pm to 6 am daily effective July 3rd by Emergency Order 27-20, until revoked or canceled.
  • County Mayor closes movie theaters, concert houses, auditoriums, playhouses, bowling alleys, arcades, indoor amusement facilities, and casinos (except casinos on sovereign tribal land)  by Emergency Order 26-20
  • All persons throughout the County required to wear a facial covering while in public by Miami-Dade County Amendment 1 to Emergency Order 20-20.
  • Miami-Dade County issues Amendment 4 to Emergency Order 23-20 prohibiting the sale of alcohol for on-site consumption between 12:01 am and 6 am; requires hookah lounges to remain closed.
  • Recreation buildings, campgrounds, skate parks, concessions and dog parks may open under restrictions by Miami-Dade County Amendment No. 3 to Emergency Order 21-20.
  • Miami-Dade County issued Amendment No. 2 to Emergency Order 23-20, banquet halls, gyms, fitness centers, summer camps, youth activities, massage studios/parlors, and tattoo parlors may reopen, effective June 8, 2020.
  • Summer camps and youth sports allowed by Miami-Dade County Amendment 2 to Emergency Order 21-20.
  • Effective June 1st, under Miami-Dade County's Emergency Order 24-20 public pools, including municipal pools, may reopen subject to social distancing and the other requirements for pools. Operational requirements are detailed in Amendment 1 to Emergency Order 23-20 and the New Normal guidelines. 
  • Miami-Dade County Mayor issues Emergency Order 23-20allowing for the reopening of certain non-essential businesses throughout Miami-Dade County, including Palmetto Bay.  Read our special business bulletin for more information.
  • Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez issued Emergency Order 21-20 allowing for the re-opening of county parks with some restrictions.
  • Boating, waterways and golf courses are also open. Visit the county's "Moving to a New Normal" website for details on what is open, what is closed and what is required from park patrons.