Safe Routes To School Project

Safe Routes To School (SRTS) is a federally funded program that promotes walking and bicycling to school through infrastructure improvements, enforcement, tools, safety education, and incentives to encourage walking and bicycling to school. Nationally, 10%-14% of car trips during morning rush hour are for school travel. SRTS initiatives improve safety and levels of physical activity for students. SRTS programs can be implemented by a department of transportation, metropolitan planning organization, local government, school district, or even a school. 

Project Description

In 2015, the Village applied for SRTS to provide safe walking and biking opportunities to families. These Safe Route Projects were developed for Howard Drive Elementary, Coral Reef Elementary and Perrine Elementary based on the steering committees input, review of several planning factors including examination of the school boundary, aerial photography, existing and future land uses, crash data, traffic counts, post speed limits, and location of traffic control devices. 

The priority SRTS roadway and traffic improvement projects within a two (2) mile radius of Howard Drive Elementary, Coral Reef Elementary and Perrine Elementary consist of installation 5 foot wide sidewalks (3" and 6" thick including pedestrian ramps) and curbing where applicable; crosswalk upgrades inclusive of solar powered pedestrian crossing flashers; intermediate school zone flashers; median installation and/or upgrades; tree and landscape improvements; install ADA ramps with detectable warning on existing walking surfaces; roadway striping improvements, painted crosswalks at key intersections and at school entrance; signalized/ pedestrian crossing; school zone paint where applicable; and comprehensive signing upgrades and school zone speed feedback signs in front of the schools. 

Project Schedule

Palmetto Bay will start with the two priority areas, which include Coral Reef Elementary School (Project #431507)  and Perrine Elementary School (Project #431503).  

Work will first begin in April 2022 for Perrine Elementary School, followed by the Coral Reef Elementary School project area in the Summer of 2022.  

Cost Information

The Village has received a total of $497,878 to complete both projects for construction and supervising assistance to meet all federal and state guidelines that need to be followed. Perrine Elementary has been allocated $123,198 and Coral Reef Elementary allocated $374,680 with the Village providing cost share over these FDOT amounts. 

Project Locations

Coral Reef Elementary

  • SW 81st Avenue from Sw 152nd Street to SW 155th Street
  • SW 155th Street from SW 81st Avenue to  SW 82nd Avenue
  • SW 160th Street from SW 90th Avenue to SW 79th Avenue
  • Intersection: Sw 152nd Street and SW 67th Avenue
  • Intersection: Sw 152nd Street and 80th Avenue
  • SW 148th Drive between SW 82nd Avenue and SW 80th Avenue

 Perrine Elementary

  • SW 92nd Avenue from SW 174th Street to SW 161st Lane
  • Intersection: SW 87th Avenue and SW 168 Street

Project Plans