Sample Ballot for Run-Off Election

Section 10-3(d) of the Village’s Code of Ordinances establishes that in order for a candidate to be duly elected to office, said individual must receive a number of votes greater than fifty percent (50%) of the total number of ballot casts, if not, a Run-Off Election is necessary. 

If, a Run-Off Election is necessary, the Run-Off Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, 2022. All candidates must receive a number of votes greater than fifty percent (50%). The candidate receiving the most votes shall be duly elected to Village Office. The newly elected shall be sworn in to office on Monday, December 5, 2022. 

All Vote-by-Mail Ballots for the Run-Off Election will be mailed by Miami-Dade Elections Department on a date to be determined and must be in the possession of the Elections Department by 7:00 PM on Election Day. No early voting shall be held for the Run-Off Election. 

For additional information regarding the Run-Off Election, please contact the Village Clerk Missy Arocha at (305) 259-1234 or by email: