Vacation Rentals

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Vacation Rental Process

IMPORTANT:  Prior to the issuance of any Certificate of Use for Vacation Rentals, the applicant must read Ordinance 2020-12 to become familiar with Village regulations.

  • Complete application and submit to the Community & Economic Development Department, Planning & Zoning Division for its review. The Certificate of Use application will be assigned a process number and a processing fee will be collected by the cashier in the amount of $167.00 at the time of submittal. The processing fee is not refundable.
  • A Village’s inspection is required. Please contact Planning & Zoning at (305) 259-1252 or email to schedule your inspection. Inspections are conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays during regular operating hours.  
  • Once the Certificate of Use receives a process number from the Planning & Zoning Department and the required inspection is approved, the designated employee will determine if the application can move forward for approval.
  • Once fees are collected and all application requirements are satisfied, the Certificate of Use for Vacation Rentals will be issued. This certificate requires annual inspections in accordance with Ordinance 2020-12.
  • Applicants may pick up the certificate once it is ready or request to be sent by mail or email.

Please call the Planning & Zoning Division if you have any questions at 305-259-1252.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Palmetto Bay is following the Emergency Order issued by Miami-Dade County for short-term vacation rentals.  Notwithstanding any other emergency order and section 33-28 (D) (3) of the Code to the contrary, in both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County, (a) the maximum daytime and overnight occupancy for short-term vacation rentals shall be up to a maximum of two persons per bedroom plus two additional persons per property not to exceed a maximum of ten persons.

Vacation Rental Violations

(1) Penalties. Any person operating a vacation rental without a Certificate of Use or in violation of the vacation rental standards or any other provisions in this section shall be subject to a penalty of 

  • $250 for the first office;
  • $500 for a second offense;
  • and a suspension of the Certificate of Use upon the third offense until the violation is corrected.

(2) Forfeiture of bond.

(a) Where a bond is required to obtain or renew a Certificate of Use, if the vacation rental property is cited for a violation of this section within 12 months of providing the bond, and that citation is later resolved adversely to the owner or responsible party, then the bond shall be deemed forfeited, and the Certificate of Use for that vacation rental shall be revoked and may not be reissued for 12 months.

(b) If there are no violations for 12 months after providing the security, the Village shall release the bond upon written request from the responsible party. Until the responsible party obtains release, the bond shall continue to be subject to forfeiture for future violations.

(3) Joint and several liability. The property owner of the vacation rental property shall be liable for any violations of this section, any rule or regulation promulgated under this section, or any order of the Village made under this section. In addition, whenever two or more persons commit such a violation, each violator shall be jointly and severally liable for any fines or other damages assessed. This applies to situations where a property owner, responsible party, peer-to-peer or platform entity, or vacation occupant, or any combination thereof, are together responsible for a violation of this section. It is provided, however, that where a peer-to-peer or platform entity does not itself commit a violation of this section, it shall not be held jointly and severally liable, nor shall it be held vicariously liable for any violations committed solely by the responsible party or vacation occupants. In addition, where a peer-to-peer or platform entity complies with all provisions above, it shall not be held jointly and severally liable for providing a listing for or collecting a fee for listing any vacation rental.

How to Report a Vacation Rental:

Anyone who believes that a vacation rental is operating in violation of Village Ordinance 2020-12 is encouraged to report the violation to the Code Compliance Division via email or telephone.