CRS PPI Task Force

Larry Gautier  Senior Vice President/ NAI Miami/ Real Estate Development
Cristina Lujan  Brown Harris Stevens/ Realtor Associate 
Hugo Guzman  Sustainability Advocate and Researcher/ Florida International University 
Staff Liaison: 
Andrea Candelaria, Resilience Coordinator


The PPI Task Force used the following three goals to guide the overall implementation of this Program for Public Information to better educate the public about the flood risks facing the Village and how to protect themselves as well as their homes and businesses from the flood damage; and to understand the importance of flood insurance. 
Goal 1: Recognize the risk associated with flooding and what individuals can do to reduce damage to property and save lives. 
Goal 2: Promote the purchase of flood insurance to ensure greater protection of property within the Village. 
Goal 3: Increase the preparedness capability of the public to respond to and recover from flood events. 


The CRS encourages engagement of groups and people outside the local government in planning and conducting outreach projects. As outlined above, at least one-half of the members of the PPI committee must be representatives from outside the local government. These could be members of the public, representatives of key community organizations, and/or agencies and organizations that would likely implement the recommended outreach projects. The participants comprising the PPI Committee for the Village were selected in accordance with the above CRS criteria above. The PPI committee is comprised of: 

Andrea Candelaria, Resilience/CRS Coordinator 

Olga Cadaval, HR & Communications Director (Public Information Officer)

Wesley Maltby, Building Official 

Larry Gautier, Real Estate Industry Representative (NAI Miami)

Cristina Lujan, Real Estate Industry Representative (Brown Harris Stevens)

Hugo Guzman, Village Resident & Researcher (Florida International University)

Two additional Village staff members attended meetings as observers but were not members of the committee. 

Maria Pineda, Former Community & Economic Development Director (Floodplain Manager)

Dionisio Torres, Director of Public Services

Committee Qualifications: 

There must be representation from the community's floodplain management office. 

There must be representation from the community's public information office, if there is one. 

At least half of the members must be from outside the local government ("stakeholders")


A3 meetings the first year

The committee now meets once annually after approval of PPI.

  • At the Regular Council Meeting of March 1, 2021, the Village Manager was instructed to create a PPI Committee, a consensus of the Village Council as per Resolution 2021-22. 
  • The CRS PPI Task Force established their mission and purpose during their first meeting on April 13, 2021. 
  • The CRS PPI Task Force is not governed by the Florida Public Meetings law.