1. Mayor & Council Adopt FY 23 Budget

    Here's a recap of the final Budget Hearing for Fiscal Year 2023. Read on...
  2. Cast Your Vote for Halloween Movie Night

    We need your help to pick our Halloween movie! Read on...
  3. A Statement From Village Attorney Dellagloria

    Village Attorney Dellagloria gives an update on the 87th Avenue Bridge. Read on...
  1. Police Activity Update in Palmetto Bay

    Learn about the Village's low crime rate and see how crime statistics are compiled. Read on...
  2. Drainage Project on SW 163 Street Nears Completion

    Measures have been taken to help alleviate flooding issues. Read on...
  3. New Traffic Restrictions in Place

    Please take note of the new signage near Southwood Middle School. Read on...
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Download the Palmetto Bay CONNECT and Street by Street Apps

Download Palmetto Bay CONNECT by scanning the QR Code below:

Download Street by Street by scanning the QR code below:

Palmetto Bay Connect App QR Code
Palmetto Bay Street by Street App QR Code

What is Palmetto Bay CONNECT?

Palmetto Bay CONNECT is one of the newest Village apps to hit the Apple and Google stores!

Palmetto Bay CONNECT is a tool that allows the Village to send alerts and notifications to subscribed residents in real time to make residents aware of any emergency or unexpected situation that is happening in the Village.  For example, if there is a flash flooding warning specifically issued for Palmetto Bay, we will send out an alert. If there is police activity in an area of the Village or a road closure by the Village, we will send out that notification.

Besides deploying alerts during emergency situations, the Village also uses Palmetto Bay CONNECT to inform residents of upcoming programs and events at Village parks. There is a specific group that subscribers can join to receive park alerts. In fact, there are specific groups that the user can select based on their preferences.

To download Palmetto Bay CONNECT, scan the QR code above, which works for both Androids and IOS devices.  Help us communicate with you. Download the app today!

What is Street by Street?

Street-by-Street is an app that allows you to report any issue of concern to the Village of Palmetto Bay. The app allows the user to upload photographs and stay in contact with a Village employee who is handling the issue. You can also see the progress of the request you reported and will be notified once it is resolved.

Using Street-by-Street is the easiest, most convenient and fastest way to communicate an issue to the Village. Please be aware that emergency situations are still to be reported to the Police Department by dialing 9-1-1.  Besides giving you the ability to report issues or concerns, you can also view current news and events, access the Village's social media channels and even schedule your online appointment!

During Hurricane Season in particular, we encourage our residents to use the app to report flooding conditions or downed trees. This helps our assessment teams create its recovery plan and get to you sooner!

All you have to do is scan the QR code above to download Street-by-Street. Once downloaded, click on "Start Request" and you are well on your way to start communicating with the Village right away!