Women of Palmetto Bay

Women-of-Palmetto-Bay banner with women clip art in the back

Women of Palmetto Bay Celebration

Each year, during the month of March, we celebrate International Women's month and recognize outstanding women across the globe who have made a significant contribution to their community. 

The Village of Palmetto Bay has had a short but distinguished history and Palmetto Bay women have played and continue to play a pivotal role in the Village's making.  Every March, Palmetto Bay recognizes important women in Palmetto Bay.  Read their stories here.

***Special Announcement***

We are requesting nominations from our residents for an outstanding woman of Palmetto Bay.  The story will be published on our social media channels and on our website.  

Send us your nomination of a Palmetto Bay woman who has made a significant contribution to the community, whether it be in Palmetto Bay or elsewhere.  However, the nominated candidate must be a Palmetto Bay resident.

Complete the short nomination form and provide a high resolution photo of your nominee.  We will review the information to post on our special "Women of Palmetto Bay" publication, which we will publish each week during the month of March.  

We are accepting nominations from March 1, 2022 to March 21, 2022.

NOMINATE online...