Shahin D. Clark

Up close Photo of Shahin Clark

Shahin Clark is an entrepreneur and banking professional with over 30 years of experience with financial institutions in the United States, Hong Kong, and Puerto Rico. After graduating high school in Iran, Shahin went on to attend university in London, England. She completed her college experience in the U.S., where she graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in Management Information Systems and Marketing.

 After her ten-year career at HSBC, she went on to establish Lodestone Banking in 1994. Her company has built partnerships across 27 states, including Banco Popular, First Horizon and Capital City Bank in Florida. Most importantly, Shahin has been credited with saving thousands of jobs through her career by improving annual revenue without cutting staff.

 Shahin has been a resident of Palmetto Bay for the past four years. She has two children, Chelsea and Kamron, and along with her husband Mark, are members of the Deering Estate, Fairchild Garden, Zoo Miami, and Riding South Florida Motorcycle Group. Both enjoy the beautiful scenery and close-knit community they have become a part of.

 The global presence Shahin has established in her career over the years is inspiring. We congratulate you on your success and thank you for making time to serve as an outstanding member of this community.