Pam Tabor

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Pam Tabor has been a valued resident of Palmetto Bay for almost 50 years, long before it was incorporated as a village. 

Pam is an active member of the Mangowood Homeowners Association and held various education board positions throughout her life. She has been a respected educator in Palmetto Bay for more than 35 years and taught thousands of children over the years, leaving a positive impact on many lives. 

Recently, Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery a few months ago. Despite the dreadful mental and physical side effects of chemotherapy, she has elected not to take an extended leave of absence and continues to teach during this very difficult time. 

Pam is true beacon of hope and courage. Your bravery to continue fighting and educating your students is admirable. Our prayers are with you Pam, and the Village stands by you during this challenging time. Thank you for your continued contribution to our community.