Program for Public Information (PPI)

About the Program for Public Information (PPI)

A Program for Public Information (PPI) is an ongoing effort to prepare, implement, and monitor a range of public information activities, which are developed and implemented by the CRS PPI Task Force.  

The CRS PPI Task Force is part of the Community Rating System (CRS)  credit criteria.  

The objective of CRS credit for a PPI is to allow communities to think “outside” of the box and be creative in their approach to outreach for flooding. It provides credit for information programs that are designed to meet local needs and that are monitored, evaluated, and revised to improve their effectiveness.

The PPI planning process provides the opportunity for the Village to consider creative alternatives for disseminating messages about the flood hazard to the community and to leverage other stakeholders through their messaging and materials. The Village’s aim is to build on existing outreach efforts, stakeholder partnerships, and advances in technology and web-based outreach in order to support a diverse outreach program and deliver targeted messages to high priority areas and audiences.

Palmetto Bay's Program for Public Information was developed by the Village of Palmetto Bay's PPI Task Force, Village Staff, and consultants at the Corradino Group and WSP Global Inc. 

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