Palmetto Bay Connect App

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About the Palmetto Bay Connect App

Palmetto Bay connect App home menu screenshotThe new Palmetto Bay Connect app allows the Village to communicate with residents in real time. You will not only be alerted to emergency situations, road closures or police activity, but will also learn about special programming and events happening in the Village. 

Once you download Palmetto Bay Connect, you will be able to customize the types of notifications you receive from the Village by selecting your "Connect Group."  

The Village-wide Connect Group will send you alerts and notifications related to  road closures, police activity, emergency events., or any other such situations occurring anywhere within Village boundaries.

Selecting a specific park group enables the Village to send you information about anything happening at that particular park location.  Likewise, selecting Village Hall, means that you will receive information pertaining to Village Hall.

We recommend that you activate all groups to ensure that you never miss out on important information and event details!

Download the Palmetto Bay Connect App

Whether you own an Android or IOS device, scan or take a photo of this QR code to download the Palmetto Bay Connect app and start receiving important notifications and information from the Village today!

Palmetto Bay Connect App QR Code