Karla Risi

Karla Risi Headshot

Karla Risi is a senior at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. As a championed athlete and youth leader, she has taken it upon herself to give back to our community.

In September 2020, Karla started her own organization with her best friend, Valentina, known as United Through Volleyball. Her motivation was to help young girls in the Dominican Republic play volleyball by collecting more than $30,000 in new and used equipment. Since then, she has collected hundreds of pieces of equipment which have been sent to volleyball clubs throughout the Dominican Republic. 

Karla Risi PhotographIn addition to this commendable service, she has also been involved in helping our very own Miami community. Karla volunteers and assists several organizations, including working with VIP 305 Miami, Miami Rescue Mission, Ronald McDonald House, and St. Richards Holy Rosary. She has and continues to uplift immigrant families, the homeless, and the elderly while committing her studies and athletic activities. 

Karla’s drive to not only excel as an individual, but a community leader, is admirable. The Village thanks you for your contributions and congratulates you on all your achievements. You have a very bright future ahead!