Resiliency Committee

Membership Information

Member Name: Appointed By
Sussette Irizarry - Chair Vice Mayor Leanne Tellam 
Lasaly Changkachith - Secretary Councilmember Marsha Matson 
Caludia Uribe  Mayor Karyn Cunningham 
Heidi Faller Councilmember Steve Cody
Mohammed Taha Councilmember Patrick Fiore 

Council Liaison:  Vice Mayor Leanne Tellam
Staff Liaison:  Andrea Candelaria, Resiliency Coordinator

The Resiliency Committee was approved via Ordinance No. 2022-05 and the first committee members were appointed by Resolution No. 2022-78.


The purpose of the  Resiliency Committee is to identify, study, and recommend policies and programs that strengthen the Village’s sustainability and resiliency, and to develop a committee report that identifies short-term, medium-term, and long-term projects that will make the Village a more sustainable and resilient municipality, prioritizing natural and/or structural improvements within the Village.

The committee is to address matters such as  sea level rise, drinking water, canals, stormwater, coastal ecology, architecture mitigation, septic to sewer, flood mitigation, natural habitats, and  the preservation of Biscayne Bay.

The Resiliency Committee was established by Ordinance 2022-05, which was adopted on May 2, 2022.


To identify, study, and recommend policies and programs that strengthen the Village’s sustainability and resiliency and to develop a report that identifies short, mid and long-term projects to reach that goal.


The committee is to be composed of five (5) members, a non-voting Council Liaison and a non-voting Staff Liaison. The members shall have experience, training, or knowledge in environmental science, environmental education or other fields that lend themselves to the issues with which the Committee is charged. 

Appointees must be either residents of the Village, property owners in the Village, or business owners in the Village and cannot be members of any other Village Board, Committee, or Task Force. Each Councilmember shall appoint a member. The Committee shall meet every other month.

In accordance with Section 2-59 of the Code of Ordinances, committee members shall serve a two-year term once appointed and no committee member shall serve more than six consecutive years.

The Chairperson and Secretary of the Heritage Committee shall be elected by the Committee Members. Committee Members cannot be current members of any Advisory Board, Committee, or Task Force in the Village. 


The Resiliency Committee meets the third Thursday of every other month at 6 pm.  Meeting dates and times are posted on the Village's online calendar.

All advisory boards, committees and task force groups meet in person at Village Hall, 9705 East Hibiscus Street, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157.  All meetings will be audio-recorded, and written minutes will be maintained by the Office of the Village Clerk.

Members of the general public may provide public comments by using the online Public Comment Form, which will be read into the record, or may appear in person to provide public comments.

For additional information and/or inquiries, please contact Missy Arocha, Village Clerk at (305) 259-1234, or via email to:

For more information about upcoming meetings, please visit our online calendar.