Floodplain Management Plan

What is a Floodplain Management Plan and why is it important to me?

A Floodplain Management Plan (FMP) is the result of a 10-step planning process to identify flood-related hazards, develop strategies to reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property damage resulting from these hazards, and educate community members about these hazards and loss reduction strategies. Preparing and adopting a Floodplain Management Plan makes the Village eligible for federal disaster funding and provides Community Rating System (CRS) credit. It is important for residents to become involved in mitigation planning in their community.  The planning committee needs your input on the types of flooding that are your priority concern and your opinion on ways to prevent or lessen the impacts of floods.

Project Timeline & Steps

Cyan-Arrow with phase 11.  Organize Planning Team

2.  Plan for Public Involvement

3.  Coordinate with Other Agencies

Green-Arrow with Phase 24.  Identify the Hazards

5.  Estimate Losses

Dk-Green-Arrow with phase 36.  Identify Goals & Objectives

7.  Develop Potential Mitigation Actions

8.  Draft the Mitigation Plan

Blue-Arrow with phase 49.  Adopt the Plan

10.  Implement and Maintain the Plan

Which hazards are addressed by the plan?

The following hazards will be evaluated in the Palmetto Bay FMP:

  • Coastal & Canal Bank Erosion
  • Coastal & Inland Flooding    
  • Hurricane/Tropical Storm     
  • Stormwater/Localized Flooding
  • Dam & Levee Failure
  • Sea Level Rise

Public Meeting - Planning Process Kick-off Presentation

The first public meeting for the Floodplain Management Plan (FMP) was held on June 9, 2022.  During the meeting, a presentation was made to discuss the Community Rating System requirements, trends in disaster,  the Disaster Mitigation Act (DMA) planning requirements, and the FMP planning process.

You can download the presentation by clicking the link below.  If you missed the first public meeting, you can catch it online by clicking below: