Campaign Finance Portal

About the Online Campaign Finance Portal, EasyCampaignFinance

EasyVote’s EasyCampaignFinance module is a comprehensive campaign finance software package that provides election offices with a robust, easy-to-use online tool to automate the filing and management of the necessary forms for candidate eligibility and campaign finance reporting designed to meet Florida requirements. 

EasyVote’s EasyCampaign Finance:

  • Is designed for each state’s specific process and requirements. EasyVote maps out the entire process for campaign finance compliance and ensure its adherence to all applicable legal statutes and requirements.
  • Reduces the demands on staff time allowing to focus on additional election processes by automating key tasks including; communication with elected officials, the collection and verification of filing, and public disclosure of candidate information.
  • Ensures an accurate record of all filings, history of communication and any fines/fees levied against a candidate, reducing conflict and eliminating any uncertainty from the eligibility process.

Special Features

Its features include:

  • Secure Electronic Submission of mandatory and monthly campaign treasurer reports of candidates running for office 
  • Automated communication and notifications 
  • Rules and auditing tools
  • Detailed search availability for the public
  • Detailed reporting features for the candidates