Complete Streets Projects

About Complete Streets

What is a "complete street?"  Complete streets are infrastructure projects that incorporate certain design features that make the road friendlier to both, pedestrians and motorists.  These projects are meant to implement items like:

  1. Safety improvements
  2. Drainage Improvement
  3. New Concrete Sidewalk and Curbs
  4. On street parking
  5. Traffic Calming Improvements
  6. Roadway Milling & Resurfacing
  7. New Signing & Pavement Marking

Palmetto Bay is currently in the planning stages for several Complete Street projects.  The project information has been included below.  

All projects are currently in the design & permitting phase.  Once that initial phase is completed, the village will publish an Invitation to Bid or ITB to solicit cost information from interested bidders before the project is brought before the Village Council for approval and allocation of funding for the construction phase.

SW 148th Street Complete Streets Project 

SW 148TH Street List of Improvements

  1. Roadway Milling & Resurfacing
  2. New Concrete Curbs & Sidewalk Reconstruction.
  3. On street parking
  4. New Concrete Sidewalk along south side of SW 148TH Between SW 89TH Avenue & SW 87TH Court
  5. Safety Improvements (i.e. Driveway Modification & Access Management)
  6. Landscape Improvements
  7. Upgraded Speed humps, 1 with Mid-block crossing(Study for mid-block crossing would need to be approved by Miami Dade County)
  8. Signing & Marking Upgrades

Funding for this project is available in part from our Village wide Annual Milling & Resurfacing funds along with the Transportation/Roadway impact fees collected from the following development projects; Vistas $91,048.00, Soriano Brothers $20,301.00, and Opus $42,260.47.

Preliminary Design Plans

SW 148 Street
148 Street pic 2

SW 174th Street Complete Streets Project 

SW 174TH Street List of Improvements

  1. Up to 26 New Diagonal Parking Spaces
  2. Drainage Improvements for North Half of Right-of-Way (ROW)
  3. Proposed Lighting along Northern half of ROW
  4. New Wider Concrete Sidewalk along North Half or ROW
  5. ADA Crosswalk Improvements at Intersections of SW 95TH & SW 94TH Avenues

Proposed Funding will primarily include funds to be collected from the Park View Development.  The transportation/roadway impact fee for the project is approximately $382,127.21.   Funds will be collected prior to granting of Final Certificate of Occupancy.

Preliminary Design Plans

SW 174 Street pic
SW 174 Street pic 2
SW 174 Street pic 3
SW 174 Street pic 4

SW 92nd Avenue Traffic Calming Improvements 

Project is currently in the survey phase.  CivilWorks, Inc. was awarded the contract and a Notice to Proceed (NTP) has been issued for the required surveys ahead of the design phase.

Project Scope

  1. Replacement of existing pavement marking islands with raised curb landscape median islands
  2. Traffic separators
  3. Roadway milling & resurfacing
  4. Updated pavement markings (inclusive of bike lanes)

Improvements will be funded primarily with Village wide Annual Milling & Resurfacing Funds.  

Preliminary Design Plans

SW 92nd Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Picture 1
SW 92nd Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Picture 2