Departments & Divisions

  1. Building & Permitting Division

    Find resources and online information related to the inspection and permitting process. This division functions under the auspices of the Community & Economic Development Department.

  2. Code Compliance Division

    Report violations, learn about the Village's code requirements and more. This division functions under the Community & Economic Development Department.

  3. Community & Economic Development

    The Community & Economic Development Department is comprised of the Building & Permitting, Planning & Zoning and Code Compliance divisions. Visit each division page for more information.

  4. Finance

    Access financial information, including the Adopted Annual Budget and monthly check register, or register your alarm.

  5. Human Resources & Communications

    Review information about Employment, Benefits and all other matters related to Human Resources or access information relative to communications, publications & media.

  6. News & Media - Communications Division

    The Communications Division serves as the communications liaison between the Village and the general public.

  7. Parks & Recreation

    Visit our Parks & Recreation page to learn more about our park facilities and park programming, special events, party rentals, Summer Camp programs and more!

  8. Planning & Zoning Division

    Access information about the Village's planning & zoning process and zoning applications for new projects. This is a division of the Community & Economic Development.

  9. Police Department

    The Policing Unit is primarily responsible for the safety of our residents and visitors. Visit the department's webpage to find information about duties & responsibilities, filing a police report and viewing the crime & incident reports, among other options.

  10. Public Services

    The Department of Public Services consists of two main divisions; Public Works and Facilities Maintenance.

  11. Village Attorney

    The Village Attorney is appointed by the Village Council in accordance with Section 3.7 of the Village Charter to provide guidance and represent the Village in all legal matters.

  12. Village Clerk

    The Village Clerk is one of three chartered positions in the Village, appointed by the Village Council. The Village Clerk is the official Records Custodian and Supervisor of Elections for the Village.

  13. Village Manager

    The Village Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Village, appointed by the Council and responsible to the Council for the administration of all Village affairs.