Septic Smart

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posts a list of reminders for maintaining a well-functioning septic tank. Because Palmetto Bay has a high number of homes with septic tanks, we recommend that all septic tank owners review and follow these handy tips!

  • Think at the Sink: What goes down the drain has a big impact on your septic system. Fats, grease, and solids can clog a system’s pipes and drain field.
  • Don’t Overload the Commode: A toilet is not a trash can. Disposable diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene products, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, and cat litter can damage a septic system.
  • Don’t Strain Your Drain: Use water efficiently and stagger use of water-based appliances. Using too much water at once can overload a system that hasn’t been pumped recently.
  • Shield Your Field: Tree and shrub roots, cars, and livestock can damage your septic drain field.
  • Keep It Clean: Contamination can occur when a septic system leaks due to improper maintenance. Be sure your drinking water is safe to drink by testing it regularly.
  • Protect It and Inspect It: Regular septic system maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and protect public health.
  • Pump Your Tank: Ensure your septic tank is pumped at regular intervals as recommended by a professional and/or local permitting authority.

For even more information, click HERE to visit Miami-Dade County’s septic care system webpage.

Septic-Smart--Final Wording with a picture of a green house and yard