Sub-Basin 57/96 Drainage Improvement Project

About the Project

Sub-basin 57/96 drainage improvement project is prioritized in the Village's Stormwater Management Master Plan which is used to identify projects and apply for grant funds to alleviate ongoing flooding and drainage issues that had been plaguing residents in this and other neighborhoods for years.

Project Highlights

  • Approximately 7,300 linear feet of roadway affected
  • 56 drainage structures
  • 5,675 linear feet of French drains
  • 1,620 linear feet of storm sewer pipes

Project Location

  • Location:  South of SW 155th Terrace, North of SW 160th Street, West of SW 87th Avenue, and East of SW 92nd Avenue

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Project Schedule

  • Start Date:  Spring/Summer 2024
  • End Date:  Winter 2025

57/96 sub-basin project area map

What to Expect

  • Pardon Our Dust, Roadway and Swales will be trenched, Excavation Material will be placed temporarily along grass swales prior to being hauled away, Roadways will be closed “Local Traffic Only” in 1 Block Segments at a time (Moving Operation), Access to Driveway
  • Roadway will be restored (including swales and sodding) to condition equal to or better than existing once project is complete.
  • Closed Drainage System with Catch Basins connected to exfiltration trenches (French Drains), proposed under the roadway pavement.  
  • Roadway will be repaved, and new signing & marking will be installed.

Project Benefits

  • Help reduce Localized Flooding Problems
  • More resilient drainage infrastructure to combat potential Future Sea Level Rise affects
  • Provide additional Water Quality Treatment provided by new exfiltration trenches to significantly reduce pollutant load contributions from this Sub-Basin to the Biscayne Aquifer for three major pollutants (i.e.. Total Phosphorous, Total Nitrogen, and Total Suspended Solids)
  • Interconnected Drainage System
  • Opportunity/Consideration for installation of traffic calming (addition of speed tables)
  1. Public Services (Streets, Garbage & Maintenance)

    Physical Address
    9495 SW 180th Street
    Palmetto Bay , FL 33157

  2. Yvonne Picado

    Office Manager