Tree of the Year Competition

About the Program

The Village of Palmetto Bay is a Tree City USA municipality, a designation awarded to cities who successfully demonstrate dedication and support for trees along with their commitment to maintain and grow their tree canopy.  Historically, Palmetto Bay has always shown its appreciation and care for the preservation of trees.  To that extent, Palmetto Bay established the Tree Advisory Board to "promote the general welfare and to encourage the preservation of green space and the environment" and develop a "comprehensive tree management program.  

As part of its commitment to support trees and the environment, the Village of Palmetto Bay Mayor and Council created the "Tree of the Year" program to recognize particular tree species that reside in our village and the folks responsible for taking care of these natural resources.  The purpose of the program is to promote awareness of the importance of trees through a recurring annual competition.

Program Guidelines

The Tree of the Year Competition is open to all Village residents through a nomination process.  Interested residents must submit their online nomination for their favorite tree before the deadline.   All nominations will be presented to the Tree Advisory Board to select the top three choices.  The three finalists will be publicly announced and the final winner will be determined by residents through an online voting system.  

The winner will receive a proclamation from Mayor Karyn Cunningham and the Village Council and a gift certificate not to exceed $120 for a local plant nursery or  for two (2) one-year passes to the Deering Estate or Fairchild Tropical Gardens.  Additionally, the winner will have the option to place a yard sign, provided by the Village, identifying the tree as "Tree of the Year" in Palmetto Bay.  

The winning tree will be featured on the village website and social media outlets AND will be recognized on National Arbor Day, which is celebrated the last Friday in April.

Nomination Guidelines

Here are the nomination guidelines for the "Tree of the Year" program:

  • Nomination must be 500 words or LESS
  • Nominating party must state the reason for nominating the tree, such as its environmental, scientific, or historical importance, personal memories, survival from storm, or threat of being felled, age, family tradition, or beauty.
  • If the nominated tree is not on the property of the resident making the nomination, the property owner where the tree is located must agree to the nomination on the nomination form.
  • The nominated tree must be located within the corporate boundaries of the Village of Palmetto Bay and must be planted within a park, school, street swale, residential front year, or any other such area that is visible to the public.
  • A tree which is listed on the Village or County prohibited tree list or is an illegal tree will not be accepted for consideration.

Nomination Form

Click the button below to nominate your tree.  

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***The nomination deadline is March 1, 2024***

Questions/ Inquiries

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Village at (305) 259-1234.

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