Social Media Policy

Comment Policy

With the advent of two way social communications such as Facebook and Twitter, the Village has found it necessary and prudent to share a policy as it relates to public comment on official Palmetto Bay communications channels. Please review this policy.

Social Media Policy

It is the policy of the Village of Palmetto Bay to use this social medium for the purpose of:

  • showcasing the events, attractions and newsworthy developments in this area;
  • to share news and information about municipal programs, services and events
  • to encourage economic development; and
  • to convey/discuss information regarding emergency and public safety matters (related to police) as well as disaster preparedness and response
"On-topic" comments by our social media followers that are specifically related to existing Village posts are encouraged.  Any comments containing profanity or vulgar language will be automatically hidden from public view. 

Contingent on staff availability, we may only reply to messages that are sent through social media channels on weekdays, from 10 am to 4 pm.  

Public input is encouraged, however, the most effective means to convey complaints, questions or concerns is to forward legitimate commentary directly to our elected officials or Village Administration.  You may also voice said concerns during public meetings.  Please email Council at COUNCIL@PALMETTOBAY-FL.GOV.   Alternatively, you may report any issues or concerns on our Street by Street app, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

IMPORTANT:  Any matters of an emergency nature MUST be immediately reported to the police by dialing 9-1-1.  

Public Record Policy

Public Records Disclosure: Florida has very broad public records laws. Most written communications to or from local officials regarding official business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your email may therefore be subject to public disclosure, if requested. For more information, please read the Village's Public Records Policy.