Rental Rules & Regulations

Facility Rental Rules and Regulations 

1. All reservations are on a first pay/first serve basis.  Reservations may be made for any period that the facility is available but not more than three months in advance.  Only one rental per person/entity per month.  The User agrees to pay the Village at the time of rental agreement, a deposit of $65 for indoor facilities and/or $60 for outdoors facilities.

2. No refunds will be made unless notice is received at least two weeks in advance.  All cancellations will be subject to a service fee of $25 if cancelled with one month (or more) notice and $50 if cancelled with less than one month.

3. No unauthorized vending.  The sale of any merchandise and/or services is expressly forbidden.  Where tickets are used to obtain meals, beverages or services, the sale of same cannot be made in the park.

4. The use of alcoholic beverages or glass containers are strictly prohibited.

5. Animals (this includes petting zoos, pony rides and magician rabbits) are prohibited in the park, including dogs on leashes (unless it is a designated dog park).

6. Music, in any form, must comply with park rules and regulations.  DJ’s, amplified music and public address systems are not permitted.

7. Parking shall be confined to the area designated by the Park Manager.

8. No smoking or use of tobacco allowed on park premises.

9. No charcoal or gas grills may be brought on park premises.

10. User must bring his/her own ice/cooler. No ice or refrigeration will be provided.

11. No motorized vehicles or mechanical rides.

12. Single standing picnic tables are available on a first come, first serve basis.

13. Special parties involving the use of outside vendors (e.g., bounce house) require reservations, permits fees, and proof of insurance. A General Liability Certificate of Insurance naming he Village of Palmetto Bay as additional insured is required; specifically, commercial general liability insurance against bodily injury and property damage, including automobile, arising from occurrences in or about the facility (including parking lots); must be broad form in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence combined, single limit for bodily injury and property damage. Supervision and/or monitoring of vendor assigned amusement pieces are required at all times either via assigned person of Permittee, or preferably, a paid attendant from the assigned vendor.   An official permit will not be issued until all requirements are met/confirmed.

14. The participant shall observe, obey and comply with all applicable city, county, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.  The enforcement of these rules and regulations is under direct supervision of park management.  The participants shall exercise the privileges of this permit subject to supervision of the Park Manager.

15. The playground is for children under the age of 12; a parent of adult guardian must supervise all children.  User assumes all risk in use of the site and shall be solely responsible and answerable for damages for all accidents and injury to person or property and hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and keep harmless the Village and their officers and employees from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages or injury to person or property.  Insurance requirements will be at the Park Manager’s discretion.

16. The Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designated representative may cancel or revoke the permit with or without cause; waive the requirements of the rules and regulations; or, in the public interest, make additional conditions regarding the use of Village buildings and grounds.

17. When vacated, the facility shall be returned in the same condition as received. The security deposit will be forfeited for any damage, vandalism, missing equipment, failure to clean up after use, or failure to comply with rules and regulations.  Violations of rental polices may result in a one year ban or prohibition on use of park facilities.

18. Permittee/Applicant agrees to and/or assumes responsibility for the following:  a) agrees not to park in unauthorized areas when unloading; and understands that he/she may be subject to ticketing and/or towing if vehicle blocks or parks on sidewalks, roadways or pedestrian entrances; an further agrees to make certain assigned vendors are in compliance of same;  b) assumes full responsibility for the conduct and actions of all invited guests or participants in adhering to Rental and/or Parks Rules and Regulations;  c) assumes responsibility for any damage to the facility or facility furnishings during the rental-use period, including load-in and load-out;  d) in preparation for a post-event inspection for return of deposit; assumes responsibility for the cleaning of the facility and returning in the same conditions as found at the beginning of the rental period; and relocating any moved furnishings to their original location.

19. No on-park (picnic) tables and/or chairs are included or may be used within the Eastside Gazebo.  Permittee/renters must make their own accommodations and at their expense.  Village assumes no responsibility for any tables or chairs left on the premises.

20. Regarding the decorating of rented areas and specifically the hanging of same or securing tablecloths, no nails, staples, glues or the like are allowable.  It is suggested that ‘painter’s tape’ be used to hang decorations, and clips be used to secure table cloths.  The hanging of ‘piñatas’ is permissible in certain locations as directed by the Park Supervisor/Manager.