About the Art in Public Places Program

Benefits of Public Art

Beyond its enriching personal benefits, public art is a true symbol of the Village of Palmetto Bay's maturity. It increases a community's assets and expresses a community's positive sense of identity and values. It helps green space's thrive, enhances roadsides, pedestrian corridors, and community gateways; it demonstrates unquestionable civic and corporate pride in citizenship and affirms an educational environment. A village with public art is a village that thinks and feels.

Donating to the Art in Public Places Collection

The Village of Palmetto Bay Art in Public Places Collection is composed of artworks which have been acquired through gift, purchase and extended loans since the inception of the program. The eclectic collection includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and textiles. Artworks in the Collection are located in municipal buildings, offices, parks and community center.

Donation Approval

All gifts to the Village must be approved by the Art in Public Places Advisory Board. Anyone who wishes to donate artwork must complete and submit an application which is reviewed by the Advisory Board and the Village Council.

Collection Acceptance

Acceptance into the collection does not guarantee an exhibition opportunity or public display of the work. The exhibition of artworks in a public setting is a separate concern, and depending on the scale of the work, the nature of the exhibition, the time period involved, or the location of the venue, permission may also need to be granted separately by the Village Council. Works may be exhibited temporarily in public without being part of the collection (a gift to the Village).

Parties interested in donating artwork to the AIPP program should contact the Planning and Zoning division.

Useful Documents